At 5, Hammad Has No Idea What A Heart Failure Is, Or What It Could Do.

5-year-old Hammad is a bright and friendly little boy. He loved going to school, and enjoyed learning new things in class. But recently, he had to quit school, because his heart condition does not even let him get off the bed.

How it all started:

"It was in 2012," Hamaad's father Jaan Ahmed recalls "Hamaad was barely 2. He used to fall sick very frequently. He would just cry and cry, unable to express what was hurting him. We rushed him to a nearby doctor, who told us he had Pneumonia, and gave us medication for the same. He never showed any improvement. It was at a wedding that I met Doctor Saheb. He told me it could be something far more serious."

The Real Diagnosis:

The tests brought out a result that Hamaad's parents were unprepared for. Hamaad had a serios heart condition: A hole in the wall separating chambers containing impure blood and oxygen rich blood. 
It is due to this that Hamaad cannot even indulge in activities that require his heart to pump even a little more blood.

The Struggle:

"He just loves to play, travel and draw. He keeps drawing all the time. He is very loving and likes being with us (his family). When he falls ill, it is unbearble to watch. My child turns blue when he cries. He writhes in pain and discomfort, while I can only run around looking for the means to take him to a doctor again," Hamaad's father helplessly explains.
Jaan Ahmed works as a mechanic. He does not have a fixed workplace or employer, and works with various groups on daily wages, as and when he finds work.
"Now, if my son falls sick, I will have to run to the hospital, and cannot think of staying at work, but that makes me lose a day's wage, and reduces any chances of me being able to afford good treatment for him."

Why you should help:

Hamaad's condition is worsening everyday. With every passing day, he is inching closer to the risk of a heart-failure.
His father is not able to go to work regularly because of his situation.
"We do not have anything at all. What I earn, we used to eat. Beyond that, for all his tests and treatment, we have sought help from all relatives, friends and even strangers. That is how he has survived so far. A surgery can fix everything, and give my son a normal life, but I cannot even afford that."

A small step on your end could keep this 5-year-old alive

Estimation letter
Estimation letter
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13th April 2018
Dear Donors and supporters

We are happy to share Hammad’s latest health update.

Hammad was successfully operated upon for Large VSD in August ‘17 He had come to visit us for routine follow up, He looks healthy and happy! He has gained weight and height, according to his parents, he is physically very active now, takes part in all sports activities.

He will be going back to regular school soon. His family and we at Child Heart Foundation thank you all for help and support in giving the gift of life to little Hammad! Please find a small video where Hammad's father shares his experience. 

15th September 2017
Dear All,

Thank You for the support.
 Hammad has been operated on 8th September 2017. He is recovering fast. Soon he will bel discharged from the hospital.
Keep sending prayers for him. 
16th June 2017
Dear Donors,

We will schedule Hammad's surgery after Eid as presently Hammad family unable to come to Delhi for surgery. Meanwhile, Child Heart Foundation deciding hospital with the maximum success rate for his heart surgery.

Thanks for your support. We will keep updating you.
We really appreciate your help.
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