I Live For My Son And I Cannot Lose Him To Cancer

My son, Ganesh is only 4 years old. He has cancer in the right elbow and is has gone through several cycles of chemotherapy in Malnad Cancer Hospital in Shimoga. Ganesh means everything to me. No matter how my day has been, looking at his little face has always made me smile. We have gone through so many difficulties as a family, but having him has been the best decision, and now losing him is the worst thought.

Ganesh has a facial deformity. Everyone looks at my child differently. They treat him differently. Sometimes they scatter, sometimes they openly ask without any regard for his feelings about why he looks like that. Children mock him. The world around us is cruel and we cannot help it. We are all unique and instead of appreciating the beauty of it, they say, "Why don't you go to a doctor and fix it?" 

While we can fight the society and learn to rise above, cancer is a completely different issue. It broke me when I learned my son has cancer. Anyone who meets him sees how happy and playful he is and never believes that inside his tiny body there are cells that are killing him. We are doing everything we can to save him. We are now out of resources.  Even now after selling everything I have, I'm running to everyone I know trying to find a way to save him. 

Ganesh needs specialized targeted treatment that can not only save his life but also his elbow. For people like us who do not make much money, losing limbs is not an option. It means we never get out of poverty. I want to give my son a chance at living his life and making it out of a low-income household. I have no one to turn to now. Will you help me?
A team of doctors has agreed to take care of him for at least for 2 years, following which he may have a life like any other kid.  The approximate expenses for the above would be about 1.5 lakhs. You are my hope to saving my son.
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29th August 2017
Dear Supporters,

Ganesh is doing better now. A surgery has been performed on his hand and he is under recovery. If his recovery goes as planned then we will be performing a surgery on his face in the next few weeks. We are trying all the possible venues in Shivamogga so that the surgery can be performed within the town, close to his house.

Thank you for all the overwhelming love and support. Please do pray for his speedy recovery.

Dr. Pramod Chinder. 

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