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Help an Animal Shelter

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By supporting 52 shelters, rescue centres, fosters or hospitals in a year, 1 every week, I am hoping to create awareness, get people to open up
There are more animals abused, abandoned and injured than we can handle through the limited number of shelters, hospitals and facilities we have for them. The number of people supporting these units is limited, that we are spreading resources too thin. Most people are not even aware of the work that such units put in, leading to just the big names getting most of the financial support, while the less sung heroes struggle to make ends meet.

My campaign is designed to achieve three key objectives:

Appeal to those who can't rescue, foster or care for an animal, but can afford to open up their wallets to help those who do. I want to create awareness among these people about how they can help such units, and make a difference to them. Hopefully helping a shelter will become a habit.

By donating to one new shelter or hospital every week, I am hoping to create awareness on 52 different units, and find people who could support them on a regular basis. This will bring in new contributors to a social cause.

I am hoping the idea will be big enough for the media to pick up, if we could set some kind of a record, it could give the entire cause and community a big fillip.

Help me spread the word and mobilise the funds, to help me achieve my ambition of donating Rs.10,000/- to 1 shelter every week, for 52 weeks. I am hoping to start the first donation on the day of World Ahimsa Day and the birthday of a man who taught us to live beyond ourselves, Mahatma Gandhi. I shall be grateful for your contribution and spreading the word on this initiaitive.
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