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29th March 2016
Dear Supporters,

I am Ibrahim, a Milaap Open Campaigns Fellow in Mumbai. I visited Jaita Roy at her father’s apartment to check on his health. Currently, Mr. Jayanta is at his home. However, he is in isolation and has nursing staff taking care of him 24x7.

Jaita told me that the liver transplant procedure took place on 16th December, though he had been admitted to the hospital since the 1st of that month. The procedure went really well with no complications and he was removed from the ventilator the same day. He could walk and talk and he was even shifted from the ICU to the general ward after three days.

However, on 22nd December, while doing his physiotherapy routines, he suddenly lost consciousness. The doctors believed that it was a complication arising from the immunosuppressant medications that he was taking. They had caused neurotoxicity causing his brain to stop receiving oxygen for a few seconds.  He was put back on the ventilator.

A week after that, he had to undergo tracheostomy to avoid prolonged exposure to the ventilator.While the procedure was being done, he regained back consciousness. It took sometime before he could properly recognise and respond to people. His body had undergone severe stress owing to the medical procedure. He finally got discharged on 25th January after  his right side had recovered quite well,after which  he could move his right hand and leg.

The total cost of the hospitalization from 1st December to 25th Jan, i.e. for 56 days was about Rs. 34 Lakhs. Even now, he’s in contact isolation and requires nursing staff to care of him 24x7. He also has a physiotherapist visiting him daily. Both these result in an additional expense of Rs. 3800 per day. They have exhausted the money received by the donors via Milaap, and Mr. Jayanta’s retirals. They have had to borrow the remaining amount.

After a while, I was allowed to go inside and meet Mr. Jayanta. One could see that the whole ordeal had taken a toll on him, but he was still smiling. The first thing he told me was to thank all donors on his behalf. He was really grateful for the tremendous support the donors had shown. It was great to see him achieving recovery. Jaita told me that they are hoping that his left side will recover soon through physiotherapy and he might be able to walk again.
While he’s recovering,there has been an addition to the family. Jaita has recently become a mother by giving birth to a baby. The sight of his grandchild will surely speed up Mr. Jayanta’s recovery.  

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