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Help Virna Sursing Solanki and group fund their businesses


Virna Sursing Solanki and Group

A group of ten hard-working women from Badwani in Madhya Pradesh, led by Virna Sursing Solanki, seen first from right, is seeking a loan of Rs. 1,00,000 to start their own micro-enterprises. These women come from diverse backgrounds and manage different domestic situations. Virna, the leader, manages a household of three with a monthly income of Rs. 8000 and barely manages to save Rs. 4000. The urge to start their own businesses and contribute to their household income has brought these women together and unified them.

The ten-member group seeks loans to start various businesses. Virna and Ilu Jaga Ravat will use the loan money to open a petty shop that will sell soap, oil, chilli powder, and rice. The duo hopes to see a monthly profit of Rs. 2000 from this. Seven women in the group - Anita, Munneebee, Dayabai, Niru, Kareeyabaee, Meenakabee, and Chhama will use the loan for animal husbandry business where they hope to manufacture and sell milk, ghee, and buttermilk. The women expect a profit of Rs. 3000 from this. Nasabaee Navalsig Solanki wants to start a flour mill business where wheat and corn can be ground. She expects to make Rs. 3000 from this business.Your loan will help this ambitious group of ten women to be independent micro-enterprise owners, gain business acumen, and contribute to the household income. The women are confident of repaying the loan within the stipulated time and are grateful to their lenders.

About Prayas
Prayas is a voluntary development organization working to unite and empower socio-economically deprived people. It empowers them by creating access to financial services, and driving awareness of rights and duties. It also facilitates capacity building activities, natural resource management projects, a micro-finance program, and livelihood activities.

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Virna Sursing Solanki and Group
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