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Help Us Unearth Musical Talent- Support Us!
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Need Rs.9,00,000
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    Manish Bisht
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    Manish Bisht

    from New Delhi, Delhi


Hey, we are artists from New Delhi (India) have taken the baton to unearth the musical talent, explore their skills and flourish them for not only for the purpose of entertainment, but also, give artists a stage to earn livelihood and encourage them to come forward.

Description about artists
This is the project by two New Delhi (India) based guys, Gaurav Kindra and Manish Singh. Gaurav is running a music school in Delhi and Manish is working as Auditor in a book publishing organization. They both are very professional in their fields, and their love is music and music only. Gaurav is teaching music to poor children without charging any penny.

They both met in a institute where they learn about through details of music production. Manish is having an expertise in sound designing, mixing and mastering of music and Gaurav is very experienced as singer (vocalist), lyricist and music composer.

Detail about their project
Both are dedicated to enthusiasts who love the experience of listening to music and dreams of creating it for themselves in their own unique way. Both artists are working hard to fulfill their dreams to make a production house, music label and music teaching school. Production house is to start making music from scratch till finalization of music and music label is to promote the music and give artist a handsome remuneration for their skills.

Not only this, we setup our music training institute (Shiv Ranjani School of Music Recording and Production) which is located in New Delhi (India) which is not only deal in teaching music but also helping poor children to learn music and make a strong career in their future.

Music lovers are from every background. Rich, middle class and below poverty line. Rich class people have enough money to make their child trained to work on but this field requires a handsome amount of money to trained which is not so easy for middle class and it's too far from reach of poor people. A talent could be from any class, either rich, middle or poor. Our aim to setup music school, which is to mostly teach poor students who could not afford coaching & training expenses, instrument expenses, etc. It's very hard to believe that many of the talented artists end their lives due to lack of money or frustration. Some of them suicide for not achieving what they really deserve for. It's really sad to know the dark secret of this field.

Why there is need to create a music school and music label?
Music label always plays a shitty game with new and established (both) artists in their own way. A new artist got only 25-30% of total revenue share from a song as well as a established artist get only 40-45% of total revenue. This game get more dirty if any artist don't have knowledge of revenue sharing and earning streams of artist. A large share goes to music label which not only make artist feel bad but also demoralize to work again with them.

Gaurav is also a good vocalist but dirty game from production house and music label (both) for his tracks, he finally decide to make his own production house and music label. A production house which will take care of any track from scratch till ready-to-release and music label to promote the music and give artists a good remuneration for their talent, skills and their hard work also.

Gaurav also released his music under production house which give him a small penny in a dollar. At that time, Gaurav said in a statement while sitting with his friends "I really don't want to make feel as same as I feel to dealt with these shitty peoples". We all know that's not a professional statement but you can feel that how much he felt bad at that time when his all hard work and patience gone in vain.

A decision to start a venture (might be no profit, no loss initiative) from Gaurav and Manish would not only help rising artists but also help the undergrounded artist who have a lot of skills which needs to be brushed, enforce them to come forward and act like a man and fought like a warrior.

Here are some projects in which Gaurav and Manish worked together, but they both never get any appreciation:

Main hoon bekaraar, tere pyar me


Future Projects
84 Compositions (Melody of a song)
27 Lyrics (Completed)
9 more Lyrics (Yet to be completed)
2 ready to release tracks - Need some money to release and promote
3 tracks in production (2 for mixing, 1 for mastering)
5 tracks yet to be recorded (Not yet recorded due to lack of infrastructure & financial help)

Note: All music would be released in audio (apple music, google music, amazon music, saavn (India's top online music streaming service, etc) as well as video (Youtube, vimeo, dailymotion, etc)

Financial break down costs of this project:
Workstation - 70000
Analog mixer - 300000
Studio monitors - 40000
Miscellaneous expenses- 150000
Music school yearly rent - 150000
Salaries to teachers, electricity charges, water bills - 250000
Total 960000

Alongside of this, we need some more funds for running our music school who is working hard to teach and train poor music lovers who could not afford the hefty fees of musical training. We are dedicated to work on this aspect as you all know that there are still many artists who born as poor but due to lack of knowledge and training, they could not fulfill their dreams to be a successful musician. We would like to eradicate these hindrances so that they could also learn music and be a successful musician in their life.

After getting this, we can:
1. Deliver all our tasks or upcoming projects on time, without being delay of single day.
2. Help undergrounded and hidden talent to work with us so that we could not only deliver our projects but also their projects too.

It would be really helpful for us and those artists, who are looking for stage to perform. We really don't want to let their talent die in front of us because we know that how it feel when you didn't get what you really deserve. We felt from bottom of our heart that's why we took this initiative to work not for only for us, but also for those, who really in need of help.


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