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Electrician's Son Is Battling Deadly Cancer But He Can't Save Him

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Subodh doesn’t know that a rapidly spreading cancer is destroying the healthy cells in his body with every passing minute. He thinks he has a fever, he thinks he will be able to go home soon. He plays with his father’s mobile, video calls his siblings. While he does that, his parents, Santosh and Vimla, are scared. They are scared that their son will not live if they can’t afford his treatment.

Subodh’s fever was the dangerous start

A month ago, Subodh came home from school very sick. He was burning with fever. Vimla gave him the usual medicines but they didn’t have any lasting effect. His fever kept coming back.


“We took him to so many doctors in Bilaspur, they suggested to give him blood transfusions. But nothing seemed to work. Then finally we decided to take him Raipur. It was here that we got to know that it was not a normal fever - it was cancer,” - Vimla, mother.

His innocent face breaks my heart - what if I fail him?

For the last one month, Santosh and Vimla have been staying in the hospital. With no place to stay, they have been sleeping on the cold hospital floor. The poor family has also been skipping meals.
“But that’s nothing compared to the pain my son is going through. He gets regular injections, strong chemo but he smiles despite all of that. This all feels so unfair - how can my little boy go through so much pain?” - Vimla.

Santosh is an electrician in Bilaspur. He makes only Rs 200 per day - sometimes not even that. He is in no condition to arrange 3.5 lakhs for his son. The only way he can save his son is with your help now.

Subodh is 9 and has his entire life ahead of him. He needs urgent treatment but his father can’t afford that, you can help him. 

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Estimation letter
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