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Help Students From Low Income Families In West Bengal Receive An Education


Manaswini, at 19, is completing her Bachelor of Arts course. She has paid her fees with a timely Milaap loan funded by lenders like you, who saved her from having to drop out due to financial constraints. Her parents, tailors by profession, had struggled and kept their daughter in school despite their meagre Rs. 6000 income. When they could no longer afford the fees or the money lender’s high interest rates, discontinuing her studies seemed the only option. Hearing of BJS, an organization that is providing study loans through Milaap, her mother applied, got approved for a loan of Rs. 20,000 ($335), and a diligent Manaswini was able to stay in school.
Many families in rural and semi-urban India similarly need financial support to keep their children in school. In partnership with regional non-profits like BJS in West Bengal, Milaap identifies these families and provides study loans to children right from preschool to college age. Crowd-funded from lenders like you, these extremely affordable loans cover their fees and study costs. Parents repay the loans in monthly instalments. Youth in vocational training courses get jobs after training and repay their own loans while supporting their families.

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