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    Khushbu Sinha

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1. Chicken(Funds Raised)- Hit and run accident case, left her with disabled front paw and a swelling on her front leg elbow. She was in this condition since 2 months on road in Sector 135, Noida. Finally she was caught and sent to help Helping Hands, Dadri for treatment, and it will be sometime till when is fit to be released back to her location.
We needs Rs.6300 for her treatment.

2. Sheru- Found in sector 22, Gurgaon in a devastating state of eye completely damaged and popping out. Overnight ambulance was arranged and Sheru was sent to Helping Hands, Dadri for his surgery and healing. There we got to know he is suffering from penile tumour also. God knows how much these animals have bearing power.
We need to raise Rs.11900 for husband treatment, stay and surgery.

3. Mishti- this blind kid is a permanent resident of Helpung Hands, Dadri. She was sent from Sector 21, Gurgaon as being blind it was dangerous for her to Ben on the road. But her eye issues have not till date been sorted. We are also looking for a virtual pet parent for her. Currently we need Rs.14600 to be raised for her.

4.Momo(Funds Raised)- When will as humans know that life is precious and stop to help other life forms. Momo was found in Dwarka Sector 10, Delhi with his front leg completely swelled up and bent. He was sent with the help of animal vokunteers of Dwarka to Helping Hands, Dadri. There we need to pay Rs. 8300 for his treatment.

5. Radha(Funds Raised)- Aged dog living her life on busy Gurgaon streets. Spotted at Jwala Mill Road, Gurgaon in a very bad condition. Unable to walk properly, emancipated, and what not. She had a huge tumour in her chest region, which slowly killed her. Helping Hands, Dadri tried their best to save her but she could not live again. We still need to clear her vet bills of Rs. 8250

6. Kali(Funds Raised)- This girl loves going to Helping Hands, Dadri. She was admitted earlier also for ascitis and this time again she developed ascitis and tick fever. She stays in Sector 29, Faridabad and now has come back to her location. But her vet bills are pending which we need to clear and that is Rs. 8000

7. Kalu(Funds Raised)- This kid was found at Race Course Metro Station, in a condition which no human being should have neglected. Emancipation, with tumour in tail, fracture in hind leg, what not. This kid must have seen bad side of life where even though he gets food regularly but medical aid was very far from him.
Raising Rs. 6500 for him....

8. Tommy & Sheru- sheer will power has got both of them rescued. Haryana Police has to be requested to help out in having these two severely sick kids released from the hell they were in.
Tommy the Pom is suffering from skin infection and tumour and his another brother from another mother Sheru is also suffering from skin infection

Now they both are at helping hands, Dadri safe and sound away from breeder who neglected them

Trying to raise Rs.15200 for them

9. Chutku(Funds Raised)- this kid was rescued with such a bad case of broken spine and with no scope of ever walking. Sophie Memorial, Kaveri Bharadwaj agrees to take chutku in and keep him as he was on road for good number of months. But even after all the efforts and care of Kaveri ji maybe destiny had different plans for chutku, he left us........
Trying to raise Rs. 5500 for his 1 month's treatment...

10. Kai(Funds raised)- He was rescued from Sector 135, Noida in a state where maggots had been eating his neck and would have reached his brain in no time. He was not in a condition and situation where on spot treatment could be given to him. Ruchika ji of Nishabd Ramgya, Dadri, readily agreed to take him in and get the treatment started. He is recovering and will be released by God’s grace soon.
We are trying to raise Rs.3000 for Kai’s treatment, stay.


She would have number of puppies in her life though few would have survived... 

And now when she is approaching old age she has this massive multiple tumors on her breasts which is painful and needs to be removed fast

Her reporter Ankit contacted Jagdish and through his ambulance she came to us from Mayur Vihar Phase 2, East Delhi

Her tumours has grown big in size which clearly shows how she would have been neglected from the people who are residents of that place

Voiceless animal suffering in silence doesn’t affect many...

Sita will be undergoing surgery for the removal of her tumours also we will sterilise her too so that she can live at her place without rearing any pups of hers in future

We need your prayers and funds to help her recover and be sent back to location hale and hearty.

We are raising ₹4,700/- for her treatment expense(as 5000 has been paid by the reporter) which includes 400*2 for CBC charges, 2400 for biopsy charges, 4000 for operation fees & 2500 towards her post operative care and medicine charges. 


Momo has been released but his dues are yet to be cleared. 

The swelling on his injured leg has come under control and his medicines are off for past 1 week. He is very well maintaining on his own, without medicines. His CBC is also okay and now he is fit and healthy for release...

We just pray he won't met with another accident, otherwise it will become hard for us to control his leg from getting amputed (which we don't want)...

Please keep him in your prayers and we will keep an eye on his heath conditions on regular basis with his care taker..

Initially we tried to raise 2500 for his medicines charges and waited for recovery, so that we an decide whether to ampute his leg or not.. and fortunately we were able to save his leg from getting amputed.

We are now raising 5000rs towards the complete expenses spent on his in the treatment... Which includes :  CBC: 400+ 400/- X-ray: 400/- Medicines used: 1800/- Boarding fees 2000/- 


He was found in Udyog Vihar,Gurgaon with big lump on his throat .Since past couple of months Kalu has been staying at Helping hands as he has undergone surgery twice. But due to a tiny hole in his salivary gland, this liquid keeps on accumulating again and again. We had initially got the funds for Kalu from his reporter but we will not be able to release Kalu due to his reoccurring condition. We are looking out for a virtual parent for kalu Rs 3000/month.

More than 500 ml of saliva stored out side his salivary gland, below his neck,, has been drained out yesterday... (Can be seen in video)

He is in such a relief since then...

We are still looking for his virtual parent for lifetime and trying to raise 3000rs dues pending towards his medical expenses for this month.. 


This old boy met with an accident in Faridabad Sector 81 and was at the side of the road for don’t know how many days...

Anuj Kaushik who passes that way for office posted about him in one of the Fb group...

Animal lovers swung into action and arranged the ambulance and rummy was recieved at our shelter...

He can never walk due to spinal injury and has severe mange also...

His treatment has been started immediately for mange as well as for strengthening of bones as he is very weak and hardly able to drag himself even...

We are raising 6000/- towards his treatment cost which includes 1500 for medicines for bone strengthening and x-ray and blood test and 1500 for medicines for severe mange treatment... And remaining 3000 is towards medical boarding fees for one month...

Please help in giving him a comfortable life and to again built a bind between humans and him.

Paneer, our old champ was released a month bach after healing from hip dislocation problem. But unfortunately landed up in fleas and ticks problem in this old age. And was again send to us for his treatment.
We are raising 4500 towards his treatment expense which includes
400 for CBC charges
1200 medicines for fleas, ticks and one wound on his back. And calcium multivitamin for his old age and bone strengthening.
2900 towards his boarding fees
Please help us to raise the pending dues.

Newly sterilized, came with bleeding from nose...
#Jhumri was not eating, was in subconscious state and was biting because of irritation.
After detail checkup and blood test; her disease was diagnosed "TICK FEVER"
Her treatment has been started instantly and her condition is under control now.
Please pray for her speedy recovery.
We are raising rs. 4,600/- towards her treatment expenses which includes
CBC of rs.400, medicines of rs. 1600, and boarding fees rs. Rs 2,600/-

17.ELLY(Funds Raised)
Loosing every single hair from _ELLY's_ body must have taken 2 months of gradual time. And more importantly, no one noticed this happening with him...
Fortunate his fate that he came under notice of ms. Khushboo and has been rescued now and is under treatment and observation.. If everything goes well, he may take 3 months of time to fight from this disease/disorder and come up like a champ again and start living life king size...
We are raising 10000 towards his treatment expenses for 3 months which includes
400 CBC charges
2600 medicines charges
800 calcium multivitamin tablets for 3 months
6200 boarding fees for 3 months time.

18.MOTI(Funds Raised)
Moti was reported on Facebook by #Vishal_Rana ji, with a big swelling on his neck..
Link of the post::
Moti used to live in vasundhara sector 15 , when Mr Rana notices him with this huge neck and malnourished body..
With the help of posting and sharing on fb and volunteer of ghaziabad, moti got rescued and shifted to our place for treatment.
On detailed examination, doctor declared it a "tumor", with excessive swelling. And has prescribed medicines for 10 days to lower down his swelling, once the swelling is lowered, we can proceed further for operation.
So right now we Are raising 2700 for his 10 days medicine course plus blood test for CBC urea and creatinine tests.

19.BOLT(Funds Raised)
BOLT used to live on roads of ELDECO MALL, Faridabad...
One day a unknown animal lover noticed a big maggot wound on his neck and called multiple people for help ..
One fine day,, after 7-8 days of follow-up and visits, he was caught and now brought to us for treatment...
His wound may take 1 month of time to heal completely..
We are raising 6000 towards his treatment expenses for 1 month which includes
400 CBC charges
2600 medicines charges
3000 boarding fees for 1 month

20.SCOOBY(Funds Raised)
This calm and friendly girl used to stay in the campus of Genpact Sector 135, Noida
Scooby has always been on the wrong side of destiny and bore the brunt of the sticks and stones thrown by the guards of the campus.
Lately she was picked up and sent to an unknown shelter for close to 20-25 days and  was no where to be found
Finally she was found back again in campus but this time she returned with the dreaded disease of distemper

We need help in raising the amount for her treatment or else we will loose her

Some animal lover would have though good of her and sent her to shelter for whatever injury or disease he/ she found

Realising little that most of the shelters have dreadful disease like parvo and distemper

Plz come forward and help us in saving Scooby

We are raising 13000towards her treatment for distemper which includes 5 shots of distemper serum canglob D (2500/per bottle), distemper test cost 1700 plus drips and other medicines

This beautiful dog, named #Kaalu, lives near jamia humdard nagar police chowki.
ASI Mr. Jai Bhagwan ji used to take care of this dog. He is the feeder and care taker of kaalu and kaalu used to live in chowki, freely and without fear.
5 days back, kaalu came to him in pool of blood. Someone from the slums of humdard nagar stabbed his shoulder with knife.. Unfortunately ASI Jai Bhagwan ji was unable to trace the culprit even after putting his best efforts to find the culprit of his friend, kaalu...
He tried several numbers but no one came for kaalu's rescue. After 2 days of struggle, someone told him about and after contacting us, kaalu was with us within 4 hours of time..
His treatment has been started and he is under observation. His wounds were all swelled up badly and shoulder bone is also exposed, so doctor couldn't stitch it immediately. Certain medications has been prescribed to lower down the swelling and infection of the wound. After 5 days, stitching will be done...
Unfortunately he is having crystal stones in his urinary passage. And needs to be operated soon. Since this is a big operation and complicated too so he needs your prayers
We are raising 20,100/- towards his complete treatment expenses which includes charges for healing from stab injury as well as from this stone operation to healing duration; all includes medicines costs ₹4800/- and one month medical boarding expenses ₹3000/- plus ultrasound charges took by vetlab ₹2000/- and ₹800/- took by ola for transportation plus CBC, urea, cretina, sgpt, alkp test cost ₹1000/- and operation charges ₹8500/-

These two are the permanent resident of HHFA for a long time . Due to some unforeseen conditions they cant be left back from where they were rescued. 
We are looking for Virtual Parents for both of them , as of now we are raisng funds for their stay from July to Dec 2020 @3000/ per month. Total of Rs 36000 to be raised for both of them for their boarding charges till Dec 2020
Romeo was recued from a construction site when he was a kid but till the time he recovered there was no one at that site from his family so we cant left him there all alone to die .

Kaalu on the other hand has this unique problem of fluid getting accumulated in his salivary glands which needs to be drained out manually and hence he cant be left on streets .

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