Barrier Free Education For The Visually Impaired

“I want to make sure that any student who studies for an exam can write the exam- and being visually challenged does not stop them.”

So says Saif, the founder of Save The Quest, an organization that works towards making education accessible for all. With Saif's persistence, more than 5000 exams have been scribed across Delhi. His thinking about the Indian Education System was challenged at an early point at his life.

Saif was in 9th standard when he ran away from home.

He asked a question in his class which his teacher refused to answer, saying it was ‘Out of Syllabus’. Saif went home that evening, and told his parents that he was never going back to school. They thought he was joking. On the fourth day, his parents forced him to attend school- leading to Saif running away.

For the next nine or ten months, he worked as a tourist guide and did odd jobs. Ultimately, he realized that to make a difference to the education system- he had to get back into it. Saif went back home, and completed his schooling and was accepted into Delhi college of Arts and Commerce.

During his schooling, he met a blind student (his senior) who could not write his Board exams

Saif was shocked that a person’s future could depend on another person writing their paper for them. He offered to scribe for his senior. Saif later realized the immense shortage of scribes.

“There were five scribes needed, and I was the only one. I had to scribe for two people- one before the half-break, one after.”

Saif started Project Eye-Quest under his organization to make quality scribes available.

This is to assist students who are blind/low vision or affected by cerebral palsy with locomotor impairment. The project assists and empowers the visually impaired students and sensitizes the youth towards the challenges faced by them. 

Volunteers act as scribes and tutors for numerous visually impaired students. They assist the students with their assignments and record their study material in audio formats. Across Delhi and NCR, more than five thousand exams have been scribed by volunteers of Save the Quest.

How Can You help?

Saif is 24 years old, but believes fiercely that education is for all- not just the privileged students in our society. He has been running Save The Quest for years now- but needs your help to expand it. Saif is crowdfunding to develop a ‘Scribe-Bank’ – an app, and a website that can connect a student with the correct scribe.

Help create Scribe Bank and make Saif’s vision of an inclusive society true!

NAB certificate for association
NAB certificate for association
engo award
engo award
The Hindu
The Hindu
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3rd August 2017
We are happy to thank and inform you all that we have rented a space for our organization. We will be doing following activities at our center.
1 Computer training
2. Scribe provision
3. Books recording
4. Personality Development classes for visually impaired students
5. Run our other projects like panchi, khailuna and begging free childhood.
We are in talks with the website and mobile app developer. Soon the work on mobile app and website would start.
Recently we distributed 600 toys to kids who live at the orphanage, blind school, and traffic signals.
 Thank you for the support.

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