Help 8-Year-Old Madhan Who Is Fighting Cancer For The Second Time

“He’s very irritable since the treatment started, he used to be such a happy kid before.”
Madhan is an 8-year-old boy who was diagnosed with blood cancer almost 5 years ago. What everyone thought to be a persistent fever, turned out to be a life-threatening illness for this young boy. After battling the disease for 3 years, everyone thought he'll make a full recovery, only to find out through reports that his cancer had relapsed. Ever since, Madhan has been in and out of hospitals, taking undergoing intensive treatment that can cure him of cancer.

Madhan has been battling cancer for more than half his life

In 2013, Madhan’s parents took him to a doctor at Nellore because his fever just wouldn’t subside despite medication. Realising that his condition was probably far worse than they had originally anticipated, the doctor advised them to go to Chennai. Upon running a few tests, he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, a severe form of blood cancer that needs prolonged treatment with chemotherapy; and in the worst cases a bone marrow transplant.

For 3 years post diagnosis, Madhan underwent chemotherapy sessions at the Basavatarakam hospital in Hyderabad. At the end of the 3 years, when the doctors and his parents thought that he was finally cured, his cancer relapsed for the worse and he had to be taken to the doctors again, for a second diagnosis. 

Chemotherapy makes Madhan irritable

This time his parents took him to a hospital in Vellore for further treatment. Without further delay, the doctors at the Vellore hospital put him under chemotherapy sessions, with heavier doses as compared to before. These sessions, although are capable of curing his cancer, they come with awful side effects like vomiting and make Madhan very irritable. He’s constantly in pain and keeps getting irritated at everything. 

Ramesh sold off their house for his son's treatment

"I sold off our house. I did everything I could to get money for his treatment; asked friends, loaned from money lenders, but it's still not enough. How do I save my son?"
After the first round of treatment for cancer, his parents thought the worst was behind them. But with the relapse, they have almost lost hope. But losing hope means losing their child, so they’re mustering all the courage they can in trying to save Madhan’s life. The biggest roadblock in their way is their poor financial condition.

How you can help 

Both of Madhan’s parent’s work as daily wage labourers and earn about Rs 150 each, per day. With that kind of income affording treatment for cancer even once is out of reach, let alone twice. In order to pay for his treatment, they have sold off their house and have taken loans from their friends and relatives. As of now, their income is zero since they have to be with Madhan at Vellore, away from their remote village in Andhra Pradesh.

In order to get their son out of danger again, Madhan’s parents, Ramesh and Vijaya need your help. Their poor financial condition shouldn’t determine his future and only your contribution can make a difference.
Estimation letter from Christian medical college,Vellore
Estimation letter from Christian medical college,Vellore
Madhan treatment photo
Madhan treatment photo
Madhan's original photo
Madhan's original photo
Ask for an update
20th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Madhan's  sessions of chemotherapy are over and he responded well. He's better now and currently at home. He was called upon for regular check-ups and still have few follow-ups in the line.

The improvement is significant and the family is happy to finally have him at home.

This couldn't have been possible without the support of you all,
Thank you so much,
27th May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Madhan has completed with 9 chemo treatments. He was under observation  by the doctors and was given  with a course of medicine to follow for three weeks.

In three weeks of time he need to be given with final round treatment.

Please pray for his health and speedy recovery.

12th May 2018
Dear supporters,

As of now, Madhan is doing well and has completed 8 cycles of chemotherapy.
It was expected to start 9th cycle in a Week's time.

We hope that he will be fine after all the sessions are over, We sincerely thank all of you for your support. We shall keep you posted.

Thank you,
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