Twins Born 25 Years After Marriage Are Struggling To Live

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Help Save My Baby Twins

 I am Mr. Ratankumar Shrivastav, my wife and I were blessed with baby twins on 28th September 2017. But immediately after birth, both my babies had to be admitted in Surya Children's Hospital as both are suffering from extreme prematurity, with extremely low birth weight ( Twin 1-770gms & Twins 2 - 1.17kg)
 Ratan Kumar's twins in the ICU.

Over and above this they are struggling with respiratory distress syndrome and both are on ventilator support in the ICU. 

The babies are showing signs of recovery but need to continue to remain in the ICU for another 10 -12 weeks in order to recover completely. The total cost of the treatment and supportive care for each baby is 10 lakhs which bring it to a total of Rs.20,00,000.
We have already contributed Rs. 2,90,000 for the treatment. But now, we are finding it difficult to raise the further amount which we urgently require in order to treat our children. 
The doctors say that our babies have to be in the hospital for another 2 months if we want to see them alive.

My wife, Anitha, and I have not yet got the chance to take our children home and we have big dreams for their future. We need your help to make our children's dreams come true. 

How Can You Help
It is my humble request for any contribution to help raise funds for my babies' treatment. 

"The ordeal has drained us both emotionally as well as financially.  Our little ones are suffering, and there's isn't a thing we can do to save them. Financially, we have no money left at present. I work as a machine operator and earn a measly income of Rs 10,000 per month. My wife, Anita is a housewife."

Your contribution can save my babies.

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