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After Suffering For 10 Long Years, Rahul Now Has One Last Chance

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Everyday Shyoraj and Sampat wait desperately outside the ICU to meet their son, even if it is for a few minutes. Slowly one by one, Rahul’s organs are failing and it is no less than a nightmare for his parents.

“I see him and… and when I look at him, I can’t even recognize him anymore. He has become so weak and pale. It’s been 3 months and he hasn’t even opened his eyes properly. I want to hug him and say I am here and that it is going to be okay but I can’t.” Sampat, mother

He has been suffering since he was just 4

Rahul has been suffering from Thalassemia major since he was 4 years old. Despite his constant struggle for 10 long years, he did not give up on living life like a normal kid. He went to school and tried his best to keep up with all physical activities. He has been strong all this while but now he is in a very critical condition.

“Initially the transfusions use to be once a month but as he grew older, he had to get them twice and then 4 times a month. I use to cry looking at him struggle but my child, he never complained.He is very strong. But I don't know of I can save him," Shyoraj,father

I thought the transplant would end all his pain but it didn’t

Shyoraj is a daily wage labourer. He hardly gets Rs 300 a day. In June, he somehow managed to get a loan and finally his son underwent a bone marrow transplant. He was the donor. But soon within 18 days of transplant, his health started to deteriorate.

“First his stomach started to swell and then he started gasping for breath and suddenly he just stopped breathing for a while. I was so scared. I thought I lost him..." - Sampat, mother

Shyoraj couldn’t go to work in the last three months, he exhausted all his resources and borrowed from whoever he can but it is not enough. Rahul needs constant ventilator support and treatment for multiple organ failure. It will cost around Rs 10 lakhs but his poor parents can't afford it.

He needs help and your kind contribution can save him and end his long struggle to survive. This is his last chance to survive and without your help he won't be able to make it.

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Estimation letter
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