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When I see young people with no disability, begging on the streets, I feel disappointed thinking of how what they are doing could be so wrong, so ungrateful to the healthy bodies they have been blessed with. That could be the reason why Radhakrishnan's will to work to make a living makes me respect him so much. At 70, he has nothing but a tray to place the cigarettes he sells on, a leaking umbrella that does not really help anymore, two or three bottles of candy, a plastic sheet to protect his ware when it rains, and a heart full of hope that helps him smile at every customer, lighting up their cigarettes with his old hands.

Radhakrishnan has no family, no home and no shop. He makes hardly 30-40 rupees a day after keeping aside what he needs to purchase the cigarettes he would sell the next day. With this money, he is sometimes lucky enough to be able to afford two meals a day at a shop that gives him those meals for the subsidised price of 20. At night, he sleeps outside a temple, and despite all of this, has not given up on life or hope.
He wishes to set up a small shop so that he can afford a decent living. All he wants is to not have to close down his shop, set up on a single tray every time it rains.

For  a lot of us, the amount mentioned would probably not suffice for a month's expenses, but for this old man, this amount could be the doorway to his dream. Let's help Radhakrishnan keep hoping and keep smiling!

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16th August 2016
Dear Supporters,

Radhakrishnan's campaign got some media attention recently, and the Corporator was really keen on helping him as well. He, however was a little too overwhelmed and intimidated by the sudden attention and publicity he had been unprepared for, and has requested us to let him continue as it has been going. We tried convincing him that it was all for good, but did not push him beyond a certain point.

He initially refused to take just the entire amount raised, since he felt guilty of not having set his shop up, but has also requested some financial help. I therefore feel it would be a good idea to disburse the funds monthly to him, and help him afford his meals in the least, if not to get more ware for his shop.

Thank you again for your support. Will notify you all as and when the funds are disbursed. 
28th June 2016
Dear Supporters,

Thank you so much for your help towards Radhakrishnan's cause. We are awaiting an official permission letter, post which we will be able to go about setting up the shop.
Thank you supporters, and thank you Milaap!
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