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Help For Premature Twins of Sayantani.

Hi All,

My wife recently gave birth to twins on 26th May, 2018. The babies were delivered on the 30th week ( 7th month) of pregnancy. She already started experiencing labor the week before and even went to the doctor complaining of the same. However the doctor did not find any issues and just suggested some regular medicines and rest.

However the pain grew the whole week and on the eventful day we had to rush to the hospital as the water broke.
As we reached the hospital the doctors tried to delay the delivery by administering steroids, but it was too late and it was suggested to go ahead with the delivery.

We were blessed with baby boys who weighed a meagre 1.190 and 1.126 kg on birth respectively. Due to the premature delivery the babies were immediately shifted to NICU upon birth and attended to.

Slowly the complications started to come, as both the babies had to be put on CPAP (forces the oxygen into the lungs ) as their lungs were not fully developed.

After few days Baby 2 was found to be responding well and was removed out of CPAP and kept on regular oxygen supply but Baby 1 was diagnosed with PDA (hole in the heart ) and faced breathing difficulty. He had to be put on ventilator. The doctor administered medicine and it did not respond well. A few more days passed and on showing some progress the baby was removed from ventilator.  

However at this time there was a fatal bacterial infection (NICU borne ) to both the babies for which they needed life support again.
Baby 2 had to be put on CPAP , and Baby 1 in ventilator again.
Again tests were done and antibiotics administered and all these took a heavy toll on the babies. Their growth was very slow during this time. We waited and prayed as that was all we could.

Some more days passed and slowly they made progress. After nearly a month, Baby 1 was not out of ventilator and the PDA was found to be closed, and baby 2 too was breathing on his own.

As of the time of writing both the babies are now doing well without the need of any life support.

As part of routine checkup, the babies also underwent ROP ( Retinopathy of prematurityand Ear test. Both of them have been diagnosed with mild ROP. They hearing test failed for both of them for both the ears. We have been advised to go for a follow up after they are discharged.

Due to all these complications we forgot to keep track of the expenses. We have managed to pay some and are looking for your help in any capacity. The donation you make will be used in paying for their hospitalization and follow up checks for ROP and ear.  

Above all your prayers will be the most valued blessing they need at this time to help them sail through this tough times.

God bless.
Invoice for Baby T2
Invoice for Baby T2
case summary twin 1
case summary twin 1
Estimation for Twin 2
Estimation for Twin 2
Estimation for Twin 1
Estimation for Twin 1
Case Summary - Twins
Case Summary - Twins
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15th July 2018
Hello Everyone,
I want to thank all of you for your help and support during this difficult times. Your blessings and prayers have made a difference and both of them are now discharged and doing well now.
I will be stopping this campaign.
Thank you everyone once again for bailing us out of difficult times.
9th July 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you everyone for your generosity during this difficult times.
Your blessings and prayers means a lot.
Update on the baby 
Baby 2 has been discharged yesterday and doing fine.
Baby 1 is progressing well and will be discharged soon.
Will keep you posted on the same.

Thank You.
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Don't worry bhaumik everything will be fine.God Bless you bro.

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Don't worry Bhai, everything will be alright soon. God Bless you dear.

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Hope everything gets alright soon.. my prayers are with you and your family.

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