7-year-old Prabha struggles to go to school due to her heart disease

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For the last six years, 7-year-old Prabha, daughter of Vigneswaran has been struggling with a severe heart disease called Congenital Heart Disease.

Congenital Heart Disease is a problem in the structure of the heart that is present at birth. Prabha has been suffering from breathlessness, fatigue and if not treated soon, her condition could become life-threatening.
Prabha is unable to live the life of a normal kid because of her heart condition

She needs to undergo a Heart Surgery  
After consulting with the doctors she has been advised to get a heart surgery done at the earliest before it is too late. The total cost of the surgery is around 75000 Rs.

However, Vigneswaran and his family are from a small village in Tamil Nadu and earns a salary of just 6000 Rs. He does not have the funds to afford the treatment. Despite this, he is not yet ready to give up on his daughter.

Despite his financial troubles, Vigneswaran is not ready to give up on his daughter. 

He needs our help to give his daughter the treatment she deserves. Your contribution will go towards Prabha's surgery and save her life. 

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Estimation Letter

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