Help 9-year-old Akshata fight cancer

Akshata’s blood cancer was diagnosed 3 months ago. She’s only 9-years-old and has bravely fought the disease till now. Her mother, Mallaya, stays with her in the hospital as she undergoes chemotherapy. Mallaya and Malappa have gone beyond their reach to try and save their daughter, but now they’re worried that they might be forced to stop her treatment. All Akshata longs for is to go back to school again, but cancer stands in the way of a healthy future.

Despite being in severe pain, Akshata wants to go to school

Akshata is a class 4 student who woke up every day with the excitement of going to school, learning new things and meeting her friends. She worked hard on her studies and was well liked by everyone at school. Her once normal childhood completely changed overnight because of cancer.

“Four months ago, my daughter stopped eating as much. She suddenly became very weak. Even though she was sick, she insisted on going to school every day. We took her to doctor thinking that she would be fine with medicines, but we were wrong. We never expected her to be diagnosed with such a severe disease. We are still recovering from the shock.”

Mallaya took Akshata all the way from Yadgir, Karnataka, to Bangalore for her treatment. Even though her parents knew their journey ahead would be filled with financial hurdles, they were desperate to save their precious daughter.

Cancer is keeping Akshata from her family

Akshata’s parents and her five siblings were a happy family. Despite financial constraints, they got by with the earnings of Mallaya and Malappa. However, Akshata’s blood cancer has left the family struggling. Not only is the family unable to stay together during this ordeal, but they also have no means t pay for her treatment. Akshata is in Bangalore for her chemotherapy treatment, while her father stays in their hometown to work and take care of her siblings.

"Her brothers and sisters call every day asking how she is. She’s also waiting to go back home and be with them again. Her father can’t be with her because at least one of us must work, otherwise, we might not be able to even feed our children. We don’t have the money to pay for her treatment anymore, it makes us very sad that our financial condition is the only thing stopping her from her recovery.”

Mallaya and Mallapa work in the fields in their hometown for a living. Mallaya hasn’t gone to work for 4 months now, and Mallapa’s earnings of Rs. 200 a day isn’t enough to cover Akshata’s hospital bills. Akshata needs 3 lakhs to continue with chemotherapy, but the amount is out of her parents reach.

Akshata hasn’t let blood cancer bring her down. She has braved through the pain so far with the hope that she will get to go back home to her family soon. Akshata is determined to get better and live the childhood that was forcefully taken away from her because of cancer.

How You Can Help

Akshata needs to continue chemotherapy to beat blood cancer. Her parents have already borrowed 1 lakh for her treatment, and are struggling to arrange for more funds. Akshata has her whole life ahead of her, but without chemotherapy, she might not have a future.

Your support will ensure that Akshata gets the treatment she needs and goes back home to her family.

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28th January 2018
Dear Supporters,

Here is a quick update on Akshata.

Baby Akshata is not keeping well. She has been given 4 chemos and is under treatment at Vydehi hospital, Whitefield, Bangalore. After her 4th Chemo, her platelets have reduced drastically. She has been throwing blood from her mouth. She comes from very poor background.

Please step forward and help her. Share this campaign as much as you can.

Thank you.
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