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On the 19th of November 2017, my mother, Urmila Solomom had a major paralytic stroke and was admitted in the hospital on emergency basis. On doing the MRI it was revealed that she has a major blockage in her right brain due to which the left side of her body has been affected. The situation was very critical then as he right brain was almost dead due to no blood supply. Being a Sunday it was very difficult for us to get a senior doctor on board to analyze her situation. It was only Jesus who took control of the situation and no major harm was doing to my mother then. She was immediately rushed to the ICU and put on medication immediately. Due to the stroke her speech and left upper limb has been affected.

During the later half of the day the concerned doctor visited her and gave us the following report on her then present status - Due to a constant rise in her blood pressure levels there was an immense pressure being built-up on her right brain which was life threatening. The doctor had suggested for an immediate decompression surgery which would release the pressure from the brain. The on building pressure had made an adverse effect on her pupils-which got dilated. Before the pressure could build up on other organs of the body and also affect her left brain we had to take a call to go ahead with the surgery.

The next day, on the 20th of November my mother underwent the Decompressive Craniectomy Surgery. This is a neurosurgical procedure in which part of the skull is removed to allow a swelling brain, room to expand without being squeezed. With the prayers of family, friends and all our well wishers the surgery was a success.

Post surgery she was in critical care and on ventilator. Within 24 hours the doctors had to perform a CT scan to check the normal functioning of the brain. Early next morning on the 21st of November, the a CT scan was conducted around 5:30am. On meeting the doctor he told us that the scan reports were good, by the grace and mercy of God my mother was showing positive signs of recovery and was responding to touch. Her BP was on the higher side but was a normal scenario post surgery. Seeing her response during the later half of the day she was taken off the ventilator.

On the 22nd of November her BP levels rose high and she also developed fever, which the doctors may be due to an infection. Due to these conditions they had to put he back on the ventilator to ease the pressure on the brain.

Yesterday on the 23rd of November her fever relapsed and pressure levels kept fluctuating, after which the doctors recommend that she undergo a tracheotomy surgery, to ease her breathing and take her off the ventilator as it was not advisable to keep her on the ventilator for over 48 hours. The doctors had suspected the fever she to an infection in the lungs which was called off after doing the required tests.

I sincerely want to thank each of you who have contributed towards my mother's treatment financially and also for those who have sown their earnest prayers in this situation. We bless and love you all with the love of Christ. I know my Lord is in control of this situation and is doing things beyond our imagination.

The doctors say that she is still critical for the next  couple of days, but even in this stage is showing positive signs of improvement which is good. I believe it is only the miraculous hand of the Lord that is enabling her to go through all of this and she will stand up to be a great testimony unto His name.

To give you all a financial update : The bill for the last 5 days has come up to Rs. 3,17,000/- excluding the medicine charges. The doctors say that she will have to be in the ICU for at least 10 more days, considering that she will be prone to infection and cannot be fed orally she'll need supervision continually. Post her ICU stage we are not sure how long she will have to be hospitalized, which depends on her pace of recovery.

The reason we have sort help through Milaap is because we do not have a medical insurance for my mother.
Thank you all once again for your generous contributions towards my mother's treatment.
Doctors Certificate on my Moms condition
Doctors Certificate on my Moms condition
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27th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

My mum Urmila Solomon was moved to another hospital within Pune for better treatment.

She was diagnosed with an infection in the lungs and is being treated for it, due to which she is still in the ICU. The care and medical recommendations by Doctors in this hospital is good.

Requesting you to share this campaign with your friends and family. It's been over a month that my mum is hospitalized and it's getting difficult now to clear off the medical bills.

Thank you for your support, care, and prayers. Please do pray for her health and speedy recovery. 
28th November 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Urmila.
Urmila is currently in ICU under observation. Her blood pressure is being closely monitored as it keeps on fluctuating. She has been removed from the ventilator and is breathing with the help of artificial oxygen supply.
Even though she is physically weak, doctors are of the opinion that she is responding well to the treatment as per the medical standards. Her brain is reacting positively to the stimulus.
She is undergoing bed physiotherapy in the hospital. She has to undergo physiotherapy for 5 hours a day after getting discharged.

Thank you for your support and love for Urmila. Please keep her in your prayers.
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Praying for complete recovery from Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

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May your mom recover in quick time. Your daughter and her grandma need to have lots and lots of time together