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Help 4 year old Swithin to fight With His Kidney Disease

Young master Swithin who is now four and half years old, was only 9 months old when he was diagnosed with Nephrotic Syndrome which now has resulted in Kidney (renal) failure. Ever since his diagnosis, he and his family have spent almost over three years back and forth in the halls of the hospital. Doctors have recommended that he requires dialysis for another two years, after which Swithin can undergo the kidney transplant.
Initially, Swithin, when he was 8 months old, started experiencing stomach and pain used to get recurrent fewer, he also used to experience uneasiness in the form of swelling and decreasing urinary output. Over time, various results from blood tests resulted in the diagnosis of Infantile Onset Nephrotic Syndrome. Since the transplant will only happen after two years, he needs funds to undergo the ambulatory peritoneal dialysis for the next few weeks while staying at the hospital.
The family has already spent 3.5 lakhs on Swithin's treatment and is no state to arrange more funds and requires your help. Please contribute to saving Swithin's life.

Swithin is unable to start schooling due to his complications

Due to complications with his health Swithin is unable to start schooling. His parents live in a constant fear of contamination of infections and do not allow him to play outside home since he has been advised to be cared for at home and continue his education post-transplant.  

Swithin’s mother Naomi who’s a homemaker has spent the last two months in the hospital with Swithin batting the pain of his treatment, while her older son Sujan continuous his third-grade schooling from home.
“Apart from the financial pressures, emotionally also watching Swithin in pain is extremely difficult for us” she says.

Why should you contribute?

Having already spent over three lakhs for Swithin’s treatment in the past few months, the escalating debts is pushing them further and further to a very tough spot. The medicinal costs and check-ups have alone cost them 10,000 per month in these years of treatment. 

Swithin's father working as a photographer in Chennai has been pushing between hospitals and work to meet the expenses of the treatment. He barely manages to earn 12000 thousand and is already under huge debt of 2.5 lakhs. As the cost of Kidney transplants are very high the family is in the battle for a long-run.

They have managed to pay for the treatment thus far through various means. Now, barely being able to meet the household expenses, they now look forward to your help and support to raise funds and help little master Swithin in his battle against this sickness.   
The family currently requires 1 lakh rupees to settle the bills for Swithin's ambulatory peritoneal dialysis.

Your contributions could help save Swithin and let him live a life of happiness that he deserves!

Summary of Swithin's illness
Summary of Swithin's illness
Pediatric Nephrologist's note
Pediatric Nephrologist's note
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16th September 2017
Swithin was doing fine with CAPD for few months. But suddenly he presented today with severe abdominal pain, screaming like anything and sad to see him. Hence he has been hospitalized today in PICU. His renal functions are deranged and started on treatment.
17th August 2017
Dear Supporters,

Swithin is doing better now. His parents had been taught about peritoneal dialysis procedure. The mother is doing the PD cycles as per the instruction of doctors. We feel really happy that he could survive with PD and he need not come to the hospital often.

I whole heartedly thank everyone for their support and blessings.
17th March 2017
Dear Supporters,

Swithin is doing fine discharged ~15 days ago. He is continuing his home dialysis. Mother is glad that she could do the dialysis at home and take care of the other elder son too without spending time in transportation and frequent visit to the hospital. Thank you all for your prayers and wishes
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