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Baby Jenus Is Struggling To Breathe- His Family Needs Your Help

“I can’t even speak to anybody properly. I cannot concentrate or worry about anything. I just want my son to get better.”

Pankaj Mahajan is a worried father as he gazes at his son in the NICU ward of Cloudnine Hospital, Gurgaon.

43 year old Pankaj had a small time property business. Unfortunately the demonetization in India caused his business to shut down and Pankaj has had trouble finding work. His wife Rekha is a housewife, and they have 4 daughters. The birth of their son brought them great joy.

Little Jenus was born on 23rd February 2017. His parents were ecstatic at his birth. This would soon turn into fear. Jenus developed a cough. His parents rushed him to a doctor. Baby Jenus was diagnosed with a lung ailment- his lungs had not developed properly, and oxygen was not reaching his brain. This treatment cost them Rs 40,000 and the doctors recommended they visit Cloudnine Hospital for advanced treatment.

Jenus was admitted to Cloudnine Gurgaon, where doctors battled to save his life.

“They told me my son’s survival chances were very low. My wife fainted on the spot.”

For Pankaj, hearing that his 1 month old son was fighting so hard to stay alive was bittersweet. He had to comfort and encourage his wife not to lose hope and to stay strong.

Their daughters are worried about their baby brother. They are aware that something is wrong. Nivanshi, the youngest at 7 years old, cries everyday for her brother to come home. Pankaj and Rekha constantly reassure their children that everything is going to be OK.

Their optimism paid off- baby Jenus is a fighter! He has been taken off the ventilator and is breathing on his own. Doctors are giving him time to get better.

Alternating hospital with home:
Pankaj and Rekha spend their days at the hospital, when their daughters are at school. In the evenings, they go home for a couple of hours, and then take turns spending the night at the hospital.

The Hospital and its team of doctors have provided the best possible priority care for this baby. They have generously waived off as much as fee as possible and have applied for discounted service charges too. Please help the family cope with this difficult situation. "

Why are they fundraising?

As of now, treatment costs have crossed Rs 4,50,000. The family has no means to pay the same. Pankaj says that right now he wants his son to get well. He admits that the bills are at the back of his mind and he is worried about how he’s going to pay them.

This family has gone through enough watching their son struggle to breathe. Help them not worry about hospital bills- Contribute now!
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30th May 2017
Dear Supporters,
We have some good news to share with you.

Baby Jenus is recovering well with each passing day. His father is so happy with his baby's progress. Initially, they had to go for checkups every week but now they visit the doctor once in 15 days.
He had developed a mild cough in between but is fine now.

Thank you so much for coming forward to help him. It would not have been possible without your love and support.

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Get well soon

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Please don't worry ! Everything would be just fine....

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Get Well Soon Baby, Our prayers are with you.

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