Herin Has Been Diagnosed With a Blood Disease, Needs Your Help

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If you're a parent, you will be well versed with the fact that when your child suffers and you cannot do anything about it, you suffer even more. I am one such unlucky father. I am 27-year-old Kalpesh Khokar and my 3-year-old is going through the kind of pain that will give nightmares to strongest of the adults.

My son, Herin is suffering from Thalassemia Major. It is a kind of blood disorder that requires him to get blood transfusion once in 25 days. The numerous blood transfusions are permanently damaging his organs. The only cure for his condition is a bone-marrow transplant (BMT). The doctors have recommended BMT in a bid to completely cure his Thalassemia. It’s only fair, I suppose. My son has been a prey to this ailment ever since he was 3-months old. He has been undergoing painful blood transfusions months after months for three years now. About time we give that little kid some reprieve. As a father, it kills me to know that I am unable to take away my child's pain. It's even worse when you know you can't save your child only because you don't have money.

"On good days, Herin can hardly keep his feet inside the house"

He is how kids are supposed to be: active, happy and full of life. Most of the days, the brave child won't even let you have an ilk about how inconvenient his life has become to him. But then, there are days when he sits in the corner of his room, barely moving or talking. In that moment, the memory of every needle punctured in his tiny arms comes rushing back in.

Without a transplant, Herin won't survive long

Thalassemia Major is a more serious form of the blood disorder and without adequate treatment, children do not survive beyond 30 years. The only cure for the condition is a BMT that will stop my son's dependence on blood transfusions to live a normal life.

The doctor told us to get for the transplant our son when we have the money and I am scared we won’t ever be able to do that. The estimated cost of the entire transplant is 30 lakhs. My wife and I barely make Rs. 14,000 per month. I run a grocery shop and my wife stitches clothes to make our living sustainable. We have an elder daughter together. She’s five and has recently started school.

A few years back my mother had brain haemorrhage and was paralysed. She is almost bedridden now and requires close to Rs. 7000 for her treatment on a monthly basis. My father earns Rs. 7000 per month and his entire salary go towards my mother’s well-being. It is with the remaining Rs. 14,000 that we maintain the household and our daughter’s school. We have exhausted whatever little resources we have had in past three years for our son’s transfusion. We have nothing left now.

Why should you help?
Herin’s parents have exhausted all their means to get their son treated and now need some support getting him the treatment that will end his suffering. Contribute now and restore a piece of Herin's childhood.

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