6-year-old Goutham with a deformed hand struggles to get by

Life has never been normal for 6-year-old Goutham who was born with a deformity in his hand. He was diagnosed with a disease called hypoplastic hand with webbing.

What is Hypoplastic Hand?
It is a deformity, many at times from birth itself where the hand is not fully formed.

From a young age itself, Goutham was taken to multiple hospitals where his parents were told that his hand would eventually grow back but it never did.

Now as Goutham grows older and has started going to school he is having a difficult time fitting in. He is unable to play properly with his friends, he tends to fall back in class because of this and is being constrained from doing things that a young, growing boy of his age would do.
 Goutham struggles to lift things properly and feels constrained and frustrated all the time. 

Finally, after taking him to multiple doctors, Goutham was brought to Ankura Hospital where he was advised to undergo a plastic surgery that would fix his deformity. The total cost of surgery amounts to approximately 65000 Rs.

Unfortunately, Goutham's father only earns a basic salary of 4000 Rs a month and is unable to afford the cost of the surgery. The surgery cannot take place without the funds.

Why should a young boy suffer and not lead the life he deserves because of a deformity that is no fault of his. Goutham deserves to fulfil his dreams just as much as any other child his age. His parents are willing to do whatever it takes to help their son.
Goutham with his family

How Can You Help
Goutham's parents need our help to fund his surgery. Your contribution can give Goutham the life he deserves.  
Estimation Letter
Estimation Letter
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11th December 2017
Here's a hello from Goutham!

Goutham underwent surgery on 9th December, and we're happy to tell you that it was successful. To know more about how he's doing, what comes next and to hear a message from his father, click here.

We hope Goutham will receive continued support from all the donors for his second surgery.

Thank you for your help!

Dr. Niveditha Niranjan,
Co-Founder, Caremotto
8th December 2017
Dear Donors,

Thank you for your generous contribution towards Goutham's surgery. After the amount was raised, we sent Goutham in for a pre-surgery consultation. Goutham's surgeon, Dr. Srinath has recommended that Goutham needs to undergo two procedures. The first is to release the band of skin that restricts the movement of his left arm altogether. This band of skin, once released, will also allow Goutham's hand to acquire full movement post the reconstruction surgery.

Goutham's first surgery is scheduled for 9th December 2017. After recovery from this surgery, more funds will have to be raised for his reconstruction surgery.

Please send the little one your prayers and best wishes. When we told him that so many people had gotten together to make this happen, Goutham wanted to be able to thank everyone.

Once again, thank you for your kindness and generosity. You will hear from Goutham when he's at the hospital!

Dr. Niveditha Niranjan
Co-Founder, Caremotto
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