Help 12 yr old Godmother fight renal failure as she refuses to give up

Who is this fundraiser for?

Godmother, a 12 year old female desi dog is suffering from kidney/renal failure along with high infection, less platelets, high liver and pancreatic figures and dipping Hb levels. Her allopathic treatment for the same along with tick fever (tests attached) had begun on 18th July 2017 at an NGO (regular drips twice a day), she got better only to get worse now. Her creatinine has shot upto 16.7 and her urea level is dangerously high. She had been popping tarry black stools and vomiting after her drips

Change in line of treatment:

Currently being treated at a foster home to cut on vet and transport costs, I started her homeopathy on 11 September  2017 at Dr. Triguna. In the last three days, from being lifeless or her condition deteriorating, she has gotten comfortable, enjoys her freedom walks and grass, asks for cold water, growls whenever needed, scratches and shakes herself and responds to chicken food with big eyes (can't be fed the same due to high protein levels). She feels alive. She needs your help to stay so!

 How I plan on using the funds?

Breakup of 25000/- INR funds required to clear due bills and further treatment for 30 days:

 🔹4400/- (first day to Dr. Triguna in Sarita Vihar)
 Treatment(800), erythropoetin injection for haemoglobin boost (600), transport (1000) and homeopathic meds for first 15 days (2000)

🔹5200/- for full blood tests (CBC, kft, lft, amylase) every week to keep a check on her condition (1300x4)

 Need to run test PCR (confirmation of tick fever to see if antibiotics are required for 1800/-), ultrasound abdomen (1200/-) and urine routine (250/-)

🔹 around 2000/- for next vet visit due for second shot of Erythropoetin, treatment post seeing the urine test and ultrasound including transport approximately.

🔹1600/- (800x2) Weekly 1 vet visit for follow-up and treatment post test results

🔹3000/- for 15 days foster home treatment
 Her medicines (prescription attached) and care at home cost us around 200/- bucks per day including cotton, infusion set, syringes, swabs, scalp vein set etc.

🔹2000/- same homeopathy medicines for the next 15 days after this lot gets finished.

🔹 3600/- (600x6) Erythropoetin injections (biweekly to boost haemoglobin levels)

By when and for how much time period do I need the funds?

With the improvement she is showing, it feels this contribution will assure her stability in the next 15 days and ascertain her kidney situation in the next 1 month.  Her son had died due to the same condition but very badly as blood had started coming from mouth with multiple organ failure. I don't want her to go this way or go at all for that matter. Treatment is in progress. All funds shall be used over 30 days with regular posts about her health and improvement.
Equipment quota for almost 15-20 days
Equipment quota for almost 15-20 days
Test bill (ultrasound, urine, PCR, CBC kft lft)
Test bill (ultrasound, urine, PCR, CBC kft lft)
2nd vet bill
2nd vet bill
1st vet bill
1st vet bill
Old prescription
Old prescription
Dr. Triguna - current prescription
Dr. Triguna - current prescription
Kidney value test 1 (10 Sept)
Kidney value test 1 (10 Sept)
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18th September 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Godmother.
Her blood infection has been erased since the past 7 days, her haemoglobin and platelet count is up making her stronger. Currently, her ultrasound shows that only her right kidney has the chance to be revived. The kidney has not improved and creatine count is 19.
The vet has added 2 homoeopathic medicines. On the brighter side, she is hale and hearty.

Thank you for all your love and support.

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For godmother. May get well soon

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Get well soon

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