This Uber Driver’s Baby Prematurely Born In A Toilet Needs Your Help

We had a son. We lost him to winter. My wife and I conceived again. The baby was born premature, and we lost her because we could not afford to keep her on the ventilator. This is our 3rd child. She came early into the world, and she is fighting for her life. I want to do whatever it takes to keep her alive.
She delivered our baby prematurely in the toilet
My name is Nandeesh. I am a driver. I made a living thanks to UBER. I had to sell the car to save my premature born daughter. I have not worked for 2 months, and I have no means to pay rent or even buy food. My wife and child need me, and I need your help.

Radha and I have been married for 4.5 years. We were so happy when we heard she was pregnant. Losing 2 babies made us desperate to complete this family. We were optimistic this time. Radha did not even realize what happened. She delivered the baby in the toilet. I heard her scream for me.
I could not afford a ventilator last time, this time I cannot make the same mistake
I went in and froze. I did not know what to do. I called neighbors for help and an ambulance. The ambulance was delayed. Our neighbors cut the umbilical cord. Radha was in the bathroom for a long time. Finally, by the time we reached the hospital they were both in a serious condition.

This time, I did not want to give up. I moved my baby to several hospitals because they have denied treatment or said she needs a ventilator which was unavailable. I could not lose her like I lost my first child. We ended up at Manipal. On evaluating, the doctor said she had cardiac failure from a hole in her heart.
She needs to be in the ICU until she can come home to us 
My baby got an urgent surgery at Manipal. After 3 days we had her moved to Rangadore because I could not afford the bills. She’s been in the hospital for 59 days. I still do not know if she will make it, but I am clinging on to hope.

The worst part is that I have not been able to hold my child. Right now, she is in the NICU on ventilator support because her lungs are weak. She still needs to be there for 20 days.
Your support can save my daughter 
After selling my car, I have not been able to earn. I have been here in the hospital by her side day and night. Radha was discharged last week. She came here to see our child. Radha is an orphan who grew up in a shelter. 

My mother has been caring for her while I have been next to our child. We have nobody else in the world to help us out. I have already spent Rs. 7 lakhs after selling everything, and borrowing. Now I do not know how to come up with more money to keep our child alive. We cannot lose another baby.

Please help us keep our baby girl alive.

Child is admitted in Rangadore Memorial Hospital, 1st cross Shankarpuram, Basavangudi- 560004
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Operation summary
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Family histry
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8th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for the support you have shown my daughter. She is doing better now and is on the road to recovery. She now weighs 1.6 Kilograms and her weight has to increase. The doctors suggest that she can be discharged in about a week to ten days time.

Thank you all once again for the support. Your support and blessings ensured that my daughter got the best of the treatment. Please do pray for her speedy recovery.


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I pray for your recovery and good life ahead

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