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I am writing to you to ask your support on educating two children of a beloved friend Ganesh S, fondly know as "Tiger" or "Ganesha" aged 42 who passed away last week in Bowring hospital, Bangalore, India, leaving behind 2 kids(Nisha and Shiva), he was sick and was suffering from Chronic Pancreatitis.

Being the only bread earner in the family, he made his wages as a Cab driver, struggling to make a living but managed to provide for his children's education until now. He was one of the nicest human being i have known.

When a parent dies it is always painful for a child. We can all get by with a little help from our friends here. Nisha studies well and a super volleyball player in her School, Shiva is the angry young man, responsible and is a die-hard fan of Superstar(Rajinikant Sir) and his movies, just like his dad. 

Your support here will go towards helping Nisha and Shiva continue their education and hope for them to recover their emotional health & vitality. You have no idea how much it would mean to Tiger, his spouse and children to have your support.  Any suggestions or inputs will be appreciated too.  

Thanking you,
Naveen Naidu
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15th July 2018
Dear Supporters of this Campaign,

Now that we have completed our Campaign deadline, we have managed to collect 28% of the Campaign goal.  These funds will be routed to Nisha and Shiva's Mother and secured for the children's education. With our negotiating agreement and support from the school authorities, These funds will help Nisha and Shiva  education for the next 3 years. . We are also looking at how we can help Anitha(Mother) with a secured job for sustenance, She has completed her 2year pre-university and has decided to currently persue her degree in correspondence and looking for a job too. Pls let me know if you have any Job opportunities, preferably in or around Rajajinagar.

Thank you again for your support, Nisha and Shiva may not be at the current state of mind and maturity to understand and acknowledge how each one of you  have helped them but im sure they will soon be able thank you in the future. I so appreciate your gesture!

2nd July 2018
Dear Well Wishers,

Here is an update on the campaign!
With 67 supporters, we have raised 23% of the Campaign objective to educate Nisha and Shiva until 10th Standard.

Thanks to recent contributors Radhika, Amaresh Babu and his friends,  Karthik, Sid V,Suresh, Dwaram, Ajit, Sunil K and all the Millap impact partners towards your generosity. I would also like to take a moment to Thank Debotri - our Campaign Manager for her tremendous support and promptness for this cause! This is Good Karma.

In order to catch up with the objective. We tried reaching out to Nisha and Shiva's school SJR (Rajajinagar), explained the situation and checked with the Secretary and president of the School if the school can help in anyways, The secretary and president were kind enough to empathize, acknowledge and have offered to help. The school has confirmed to help by providing a 50% discount to Nisha and Shiva's education this year and the Teachers were kind to invest additional time to help tutor Nisha and Shiva on subject courses missed so far. A big Thanks to the Secretary, president and Teachers of SJR school, Rajajinagar. I am so happy to inform you that Nisha and Shiva have resumed school from today i.e 2nd Jul 2018. Please find their photo in photo section :)

We are also in the process of looking at finding a professional job for their mother for self sustenance!

We have 10 days to go! We would need your continued support to promote this campaign in your circles and help reach an audience who can possibly help or contribute.

I would like to thank everyone who has supported in anyway towards this Campaign and objective. You are awesome!

18th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

We have reached a milestone, with your generosity we have raised 1 Lakh, i.e  20% of the campaign goal,  92 shares, with 39 kind supporters who have contributed to the cause! I would like to take a moment to thank Sendil, Bhavya, Akhilesh, Ritvika, Siemens PMO Team, Shilpa, Rajini Nair, Uday, Siddharth, Jasho, Gerry, Nagendra B, Sudhir, Akshath, Shruthi & especially all the selfless Anonymous contributors whom i am unable to thank in person for their bit. You all are unique and special to me, Tiger, Nisha & Shiva!

We have 24 days to meet our campaign goal, I request you to promote this campaign in your free time in your circles if possible.

I will keep you posted on the progress we make and how your contribution reached the kids. Thanks again and look forward to your continued support!

Warm Regards,
Naveen Naidu
raised of Rs.500,000 goal

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