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Help Us Pay Gunda's Bills and Take Him Home
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    Kruti Dholakia

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Hey hooman! Gunda doggo this side. How are you doing?
Me? I am at a foster right now. I had some medical conditions you see. I had a skin infection because of the unhygienic streets that I live on and call home. I live with a lot of my other friends and I proudly lead them, being the Gunda. Dr. Kruti takes care of me and all my other friends in the Andheri West area of Mumbai (You can come and meet us).

She takes care of our basic needs like daily feeding, deworming, neutering and medical. We only have her and her team for us. It gets very difficult for her to manage everything, I know that. She takes care of all of us and herself from her sole income and the rare kind donations. She helps more and more animal friends with each passing day with the limited resources. Medical cases are also increasing because some hoomans are very unkind to us. Only a few months back Dr. Kruti got an expensive treatment for my doggo friend Pearl to save her from ear amputation. So, when I first got the skin infection, I acted all strong and unbothered even when it itched and irritated me a lot. I know Dr. Kruti would've treated me then and there but I understand she had to treat other doggo and cat friends as well. 

But the problems increased severely as I lost most of my beautiful coat and my right ear started feeling heavy and hanging, because of something that the doctor calls Auricle Hematoma. They say my ear is filled with blood and I won't lie, I was scared. My situation became serious and treatment wan't avoidable for her anymore. The doctor prescribed sooooo many medicines that I can't tell you! They also told Dr. Kruti that I can't live on the dirty cruel streets, and need to be kept in a foster care for proper recovery and to avoid further complications. They also said I need to be bathed regularly with a shampoo which has medicines in it along with deworming and what not. I HATED ALL OF IT. But you know what? After two months of treatment and care, my fur is better than ever! It doesn't itch or irritate me. And my ear is almost cured like before. I now play around with the foster aunty and other doggos carefree. I show her the tricks she taught me. I can now spend even more time with my hooman Dr. Kruti because I love her very much and am very possessive of her. They tell me they miss me because I am very obedient and do what I am told, and even pee and poop on my own! 

But there's one problem. I heard that my treatment was very costly. Even after donations from some kind hoomans and Dr. Kruti's own funds, some of it is still unpaid. My shampoos and foster was very expensive as I needed special care. Even bathing me was at a chargeable basis because my skin was so infected, no one was comfortable touching it before.

If we don't pay the foster aunty before 22/12/18, she won't let me go home and would charge even more. Dr. Kruti has paid all she could already, and she has to urgently take care of other ongoing medical treatments of Rani, Pearl, etc. as well, along with feeding all the animal friends daily, paying salaries to helpers and running her own clinic. I don't want to stay at this foster anymore, I want to go back to my friends and hooman at my home and I don't know how Dr. Kruti will pay all my bills. I want to help her as much as I can. Can you help me with a little donation to go back home?

Here is a detailed list of expenses:
1. Fostering expenses from 25-10-2018 to 22-12-2018: Rs 350 x 58 days = Rs20,300
2. Medicated baths: Rs500 x 20 baths = Rs10,000
3. Homeopathy medicines: Rs300 x 4 bottles = Rs1,200
4. Medicated Shampoo: Rs175 x 5 = Rs875
5. Medicated Soap: Rs175
6. Deworming Tablet: Rs160
7. Silverex cream: Rs65 x 4 = Rs260
8. Calendula ointment: Rs50 x 2 = Rs100
9. Kailas Jeevan ointment: Rs45
10. Travel expenses Rs2,000

Total expenses: Rs35,115
Less Donations received in cash: Rs13,000


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