Chanda Has Saved Many Animals, Now She Needs Our Help To Walk Again

Chanda has devoted her whole life to take care of animals who are in need of love and care. She took tuitions to support their expenses. She met with an accident 7 years ago while trying to save a puppy and it's impact left her with damaged knees. This animal lover cannot walk now and is struggling without money for treatment.

Chandha was not always an animal lover. When she was young, she disliked animals. Her elder sister got a dog, and Chandha wanted one as well. She got a Pomeranian that she took for walks daily.

Unconditional love of stray dog who followed her made her into an animal lover 

Chandha used to take her dog for a walk daily. It was here that she met a mongrel- that she used to shoo away. The mongrel accompanied them on their walks. After she saw how devoted the animal was, Chandha developed a soft spot for the dog.

Chandha then started feeding 2-3 stray dogs in her street. This lead to her passion for dogs and animal welfare. She then began volunteering for Blue Cross. She spent her days as a math tuition teacher and her evenings volunteering for animal welfare. This was the start of her life devoted to caring for animals.

Chandha cannot walk anymore

Around 2010, Chandha was taking a dog to the vet for a late night emergency. She was looking for her auto and did not see a pit in front of her. She fell into the pit and injured her knees.

A few days later, her knee started hurting. Chandha ignored it and carried on with her regular activities. Later, it started progressively getting worse. She visited a doctor, and the only prescribed course of treatment was a 
knee replacement surgery.

How you can help

Chandha needs a knee replacement surgery for both her knees. The cost of the surgery is estimated at Rs 5 lakhs- which she cannot afford. She makes a living as a tuition teacher- and spends most of her income feeding the stray animals that she considers her family.

Your contribution can help Chandha walk again- and be the loving mother for her animals.
The initial estimate letter
The initial estimate letter
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18th September 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Chandha.

Currently, on the day 4 of the postoperative period, she is still complaining of pain but is able to walk with a support.
She is going to stay in the hospital for another 5-6 days and we are still in need of financial support.
Here is a pic of her healing knees.
I am waiting for the day when she is able to walk well and without pain.
Keep your good will and support going until then!

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Pradeep donated Rs.500

Get well soon!!!

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Ramakrishna donated Rs.2,500

May God help you heal and get well at the earliest.

Sanju donated Rs.500

May God give you the strength to support more such lovely creatures who need kind and compassionate people like you.

Uttara donated Rs.2,500
Rutika donated Rs.1,000