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Help This Son Of A Daily-Wage Worker Get A Life-Saving Surgery

"My son and I are confined to a clean room until the surgery. He will succumb to any infection, so to prevent that, nobody is allowed to enter this room except for the doctor and specialized nurses after going through decontamination. We get food and medicines through a hole in the glass. It is like how usually we look at rats in the lab, we cannot even be with our family. Bhavesh gets so scared sometimes when people keep staring that he hides under his blanket. We will not be allowed to step out until this surgery is over. His immune system is so weak, that any germ can just kill him."

 Bhavesh is a 4-year-old with a blood disorder that requires him to take blood transfusions every 25 days. His father Rajesh sells vegetables in a cart in Rajkot. Till now, he had no hope for his son's life. But the doctors of CIMS-Sankalp have come forward to give Bhavesh a subsidised bone-marrow tranplant that can end his suffering. Rajesh now needs support curing his son. 

Rajesh walks 4 kms every time Bhavesh needs a transfusion

Rajesh earns only Rs 3,000 a month selling vegetables form door-to-door. In that, he needs to manage rent, food, children's tuition and Bhavesh's monthly transfusions. So he cuts costs and economises where he can – sometimes going without food to save for tomorrow. 

Bhavesh and his Mother in the BMT Unit where he is kept. No one is allowed in or out as Bhavesh's immune system is very weak.

When it is time, he takes Bhavesh and his wife Ankita to the hospital. He runs from the hospital to the blood bank 1km away and procures blood that he takes back to the hospital. This blood is given to Bhavesh who recovers his energy with the new blood.

Bhavesh who is only 4-years-old is wise for his years. He never cries at the needles the doctors poke into him and he never complains when his father makes him walk to the hospital. Like the rest of his family, he understands that there is no money. 

Rajesh with his wife Ankita, children Trupti, Ragini and Bhavesh and his mother  

Rajesh is the sole breadwinner and give him the courage to live and hope for another day. “My family eats and my children go to school because of my wife and daughters. I earn money – but their courage and determination for a better life keeps me going,” Rajesh says. 

“I have never bought Bhavesh new clothes because there is no money” 

This family's faith for a better life was rewarded when the doctors at CIMS said that they would help the family cure Bhavesh at a heavily subsidised price. “Bhavesh never asks me to buy him anything like other children.Only when he gets sick at the end of the month – he says he needs to go to the doctor,” says Rajesh.

Bhavesh with sisters and mother

Bhavesh has Thalessmia Major – a serious form of the blood disorder. Children with this illness have defective red blood cells that cannot absorb enough oxygen. So, after a while, they need blood from an external source to continue to live. These constant blood transfusions are a time bomb – severely damaging the body's crucial organs like the heart and liver in a few years.

Rajesh was resigned to losing his child early – but the timely help from doctors has given him a hope in a world that has mostly not been kind to him. Luckily, Bhavesh's sister Ragini is a good match and can give her stem-cells to save him. 

All they need are funds to conduct the bone-marrow transplant. Daily-wage workers like Rajesh want a good life for his child just as much as any one else. He deserves a helping hand to save his son. Contribute now. 
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21st June 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on Bhavesh's health.

The bone marrow transplant was successful and his health is slowly improving. He is shifted to the general ward now.

His blood cells count had reduced after the transplant and there were two brief sessions of blood transfusion after which it is increasing consistently. His blood cells count is close to stability.

The tests were conducted in-depth on 16th June and they all look good. Rajesh was happy to inform us that he has started talking to his mother and everyone else more often and his eating habit has also improved, he is almost always very restless and is always looking for things to do.

Team Milaap.

13th June 2017
Dear Supporters,
Here is an update on Bhavesh's health.

Bhavesh underwent the Bone Marrow Transplant and is recovering well now. He is still admitted in the hospital but the results of the treatment are much better. His hemoglobin count has also increased.
The last blood transfusion was done one and half months back. Bhavesh will undergo tests in a few days to consider if he needs another one by 16th June.

His mother stays with him at the hospital. The father was happy to inform us that he has started talking to his mother more often and his eating habit has also improved.

Thank you all for the love and support. Keep sharing the campaign with your friends and family.

Team Milaap
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