They Had A Child After 15 Years Of Marriage, Help Save Her Life

"It's been 15 years of our marriage. We have been trying to have a baby for so long. Our first baby was a still born. This pregnancy is a dream come true for us, and now, we are worried that our dream is slipping away."

Vijay and Sreelakshmi were blessed with a baby girl on 28th January 2017. She was a miracle waiting to happen, to this couple who did everything they could to get pregnant. An IVF fulfilled their dreams, and when she was just a few months away from coming into the world, things turned sideways. 

Sreelakshmi's blood pressure shot up during her 7th month of pregnancy. Before the medicines could get it under control, she was in labor, going through C-section to deliver their baby girl

"I was anxious about the delivery. The fact that we waited so long for this child (my first baby was stillborn). I wanted this to be perfect. I was so anxious and put myself under so much pressure that I did not realize how high my BP got. My worst fears came true all because I was worried."

Born prematurely at 26 weeks, Baby Girl Jalluri was immediately moved to the NICU. She was just 615g with respiratory distress syndrome and sepsis. As she was too fragile, she was on mechanical ventilation support and was slowly moved to HHHFNC support.

Sreelakshmi has been discharged from the hospital. The parents visit every day to see their baby girl during visiting hours. The baby is slowly recovering and likely to remain in the hospital for a few more weeks until she gains weight and is able to breathe on her own.

"They don't let me hold her because she will get an infection. She is so tiny. All we can do is just be by her side, look at her pretty face through the machines that monitor her. It is so heart-wrenching to not be able to bring our baby home after giving birth. I just hope she gets well soon and I get to hold her. I have waited 15 years."

Vijay is a BARC employee and the sole earning member of the family. He lives with his wife, parents, a widowed sister and her daughter. The couple had planned the delivery at BARC hospital. Since the hospital was not equipped to take care of a premature baby, Sreelakshmi was moved to Surya Children's Hospital.

Due to the unforeseen circumstances, medical expenses shot up, and Vijay has been unable to compensate for the bills. They already shelled out over Rs. 3 Lakhs for the IVF, and more for Sreelakshmi's treatment before and after the C-section. 

Baby Girl Jalluri's treatment is estimated to cost Rs. 9,25,000, and Vijay has already contributed Rs. 80,000 in addition to previous medical bills after exhausting his savings and borrowing from friends and family.

"My husband does not tell me anything because he thinks it will affect me. My BP has still not come back to normal. He is afraid something will happen to me. So I am always in the dark. All I am now worried about is the life of our child. I don't want to lose her. I want her to come home."

Dreams can come true, and when they do, they should not be so far out of your hand's grasp. 

Help this lovely couple have faith in their dream by contributing towards saving their miracle child's life.
Expected Medical Expenditure
Expected Medical Expenditure
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17th April 2017
Hi To All Well Wishers,

Our dream has come true.  Finally, the day came for which we are eagerly waiting since last 15 yrs. My daughter was discharged on 9th April from Surya Hospital with a weight of 2.0 kg.  The moment when we hold our little angel in our hands oh! no words to explain the feelings which we went on.  I used to utilize this opportunity to say salute to each and everyone which they showed their generosity in our toughest times.

With regards
Vijay Jalluri

27th March 2017
Hi to all,
My baby is out of mechanical ventilator now she is taking her breath normally,  and I am eagerly waiting for the moment when should I get to hold her, hope it will come very soon. Now my infant is 1.7 kg. You have brought happiness in our life and I wish to continue having this support.
with due respect
Vijay Jalluri
20th March 2017
Dear Supporters,

We have a good news! Vijay just shared the following update with us.

I am very happy to say that my kid reached 1.5 kg and doing well this moment i want to share with each valuable donor. Their contribution definitely helped a lot in paying for the medical treatment of my kid. Finally a big thanks to all the donors.
Vijay Jalluri

Thank you all for your prayers and generosity.

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