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My Baby Needs Me The Most Right Now, But I Need Your Help To Save Him
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“It’s been three months since my baby is staying in the ICU and I can tell by looking at his face that he is uncomfortable with the environment. He gets restless when he’s awake. Because of this, he is put to sleep using medicines nowadays and is always drowsy when he wakes up,”- Priyanka

Priyanka's newborn can't breathe on his own, he needs continuous ventilator support. His lungs are tiny and underdeveloped.

Priyanka always wanted to be a mother. Her dream of having a baby was fulfilled but soon she realised that it is going to be a tough battle. She had uterine fibroids which started developing along with the baby in her belly, making it dangerous for both the mother and the child's life. Due to these complications, the baby boy was delivered prematurely on the 6th month. But he was immediately taken to the NICU. Weighing only 800 gms, the newborn has chronic lung disease. His underdeveloped lungs making it difficult to breathe. Right now, he is given oxygen therapy through tubes.

He needs to start breathing on his own soon 

Due to the long-term supply of oxygen through nasal prongs and breathing tubes he has now got Bronchopulmonary dysplasia, a chronic lung disease which results from damage to the lungs. If the baby doesn’t start to breathe sooner without any support, he may continue to have breathing problems throughout childhood and into adulthood.

My baby needs me but I need your help

“I am praying for my child’s survival with hopes. He can’t fight on his own without the help of medication. When it comes to his treatment and doctor fees, we have to pay around Rs. 12,000 per day and separately for medicines. To make my baby survive and to take him back home, we need to pay around 4 lakhs for the hospital bills”.

Priyanka’s husband got into a new job only two months back and he has already taken a personal loan for the baby’s initial treatment. She has sold all her jewels and borrowed money from her neighbours and is now left with no option to continue the treatment.

It’s been two weeks since my husband came and visited us both. He is working even on Sundays to meet the medical needs

 “He is strong-willed and wants to take the baby home alive. To do that he has to earn more and is working tirelessly seven days a week.  But whatever he earns is only sufficient to pay the interests for the debt. He can’t take any more loans and I don’t have any jewellery left to sell or my baby’s treatment. We are helpless now and our financial condition is slowing down. I’m scared thinking about how we are going to save our only child”.

Without your generous help, this baby boy can't stay alive for not more than a month. Your kind contribution can save a little baby's precious life

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