This Auto Driver Who Even Sold His Auto Needs 9 Lakhs More To Save Son

“He is an extremely curious boy, always full of questions. The teachers appreciate him for being a very bright student. There aren’t many kids in the neighbourhood, the two siblings are each other’s best friend. He was in acute pain when the doctor asked him what he wanted to be when he grows up. With a big smile on his face , Anton said 'I want to be a police inspector’. The smile immediately faded and he started crying out in pain again,” says Santosh as his eyes turn moist.  

December of 2017, just 6 months away from his 8th birthday, Anton started experiencing intermittent fever and body ache. The doctor prescribed medication for a week and opined that the symptoms were a result of anemia. When the symptoms refused to fade, and he had to be hospitalized.

Anton had to hear the diagnosis even before his father did

While his mother- Anton’s grandmother- stayed at the hospital to take care of the boy, Santosh went in search of help from friends and family for the treatment. Just as he walked in, the doctor was asked him if there was any history of cancer in the family. Anton was diagnosed with Acute Leukaemia.

Ever since that day, Anton’s routine comprises injections, pain and hospital bed. He has been going through treatment, but now Santosh has run out of money and is going door to door for help. He may have to stop the treatment, if he cannot come up with the funds. This could be detrimental to Anton's progress.

When he asks me to buy board games and toys, I check my pockets to find if there is any money at all. I can’t give him no for an answer. He tries to hurt himself. How can I comfort a kid who yearns to play with toys? How can I tell him I’ve no money left? How do I tell him he suffers from an illness that is making him weaker by the day?,” says Santosh as his desolate cries slip into sudden silence.

Santosh sold the only source of income and is at a dead end now

Santosh has sold his auto, which was his only source of income. He has borrowed more than 3 lakh so far and is drowning in debt. Hospital visits have come to mean that he can’t earn every day anymore. His wife, Mary, who suffers from poor health, is in a state of shock. I’m at a loss for words when 3-year-old Justin asks me when his brother is coming back.

How can you help

Santosh, earning around Rs 6000 a month, hardly manages to help his family sustain. He has sold his auto, which was his only source of earning. This, alongside the hospital visits, have come to mean he can't earn the little money he did and needs to borrow from friends to make ends meet. Having spent more than Rs 4 lakh so far, he is neck-deep in debt. He has exhausted his funds midway through the treatment and needs 9 lakh to prevent cancer from taking Anton's life.  

Your support will help the 8-year-old fight cancer.
The estimate provided by the hospital. Will be happy to share more doc
The estimate provided by the hospital. Will be happy to share more doc
Diagnosis at Baptist Hospital
Diagnosis at Baptist Hospital
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23rd July 2018
Dear Well wishers,

Sanoj is doing well by the grace of God and by all your prayers and support. Currently Sanoj is going to start with the Radiation therapy.

The doctors are very happy with his improvements, but Sanoj was a little worried about himself as he got to know he has cancer. His family had a tough time to get him out of that.

Now he is fine and Radiation therapy starts from tomorrow for 2 weeks on a daily basis.

The doctors have said CT Scan to be taken to identify if any issue prior to the treatment and have put the mask to ensure the radiation does not affect the face.

Requesting further help from the donors as the remaining treatment will be a little expensive and will come to nearly 3-4 Lakhs.

Sincere request for support as by your support and prayers Sanoj was able to get the treatment. Without your help and support Sanoj wouldn't have been able to pull it on.

The family of Sanoj is ever grateful to you all to have contributed and helped the family to help seek the treatment of their only son, Grand son. They are praying for all those who are supporting this noble cause.

God bless you all and hoping for your support and contributions to get Sanoj back the normal life just like any other kids.

On behalf of Sanoj's family.

20th June 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for being so supportive.

Baby Anton's treatment is going as per schedule and we are going to the hospital every alternate day to get him injections. He's in the second phase of his treatment.

It makes us feel relieved in informing you all that he's feeling better and we are all hopeful about his recovery. Please keep praying for him. We shall keep you posted. Thank you all once again!

23rd May 2018
Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your tremendous love and support. This couldn't have been possible without you all.

Baby Anton will be admitted in the hospital tomorrow (24th May, 2018) for five days for chemotherapy. The treatment will be done in order to prevent the recurrence of cancer.

The baby will undergo chemotherapy on the following days:
7th June, 14th June, 21st June, 28th June, 5th July and 12th July.

Once the chemotherapy is over, a radiation treatment will start after 10 days. Deoending on the response and the need, the doctors will take a call on whether one more sitting for radiation is required or not. Then, a bone marrow test will be run on the baby after a week.

The medication is likely to continue for two years post the treatment and will have to go to the hospital once a month for check up and blood test.

We are hopeful about Anton's recovery. Please keep praying. Thank you again!
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We wish Sanoj a healthy recovery and may Allah bless him with good health & happiness always. Ameen.

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This is for buying toys for him or the treatment

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