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This Mother Of Two Children May Not Survive Without Your Help

Until 2 years ago, she was living happily with her husband and son, expecting their next baby. They never expected life to take a path that would bring everything to a standstill.

28-year-old Afsarabi was a new mother when she discovered that she had a critical heart condition. She is in a situation where surgery is the only option left to cling onto life.

Afsarabi, her husband Abdulrauf, and their 3-year-old son were living a happy life in a very humble household. When she discovered she was pregnant, there was always room for more love in this home regardless of whether space or money was a restraint. They believed their family was complete, and they were right. She delivered a beautiful baby girl.

Their happiness was short-lived because soon after, the new mother discovered that she had a serious heart condition. Although the doctor advised her to seek treatment right away, their financial situation caused Afsarabi to ignore the advice. Soon after, her condition deteriorated until she was in intense pain.

“Even my children noticed, although they did not know about my condition.”

Finally, Afsarabi gave in and visited the doctor. This time the diagnosis and prognosis struck her like lightning. She had rheumatic mitral valve regurgitation with moderate mitral stenosis, and severe pulmonary hypertension. 

There was leakage of blood in the compartments of the heart causing mixing and decreased pumping efficiency combined with increased blood pressure in the blood vessel pumping to the lungs. A surgery is unavoidable.

Abdulrauf is a driver without constant income. He also works as a daily wage laborer to make enough for the family, and despite all this, he manages to earn Rs. 2500/month. The estimated cost for Afsarabi’s treatment is over Rs. 4 lakh. The hospital has discounted and reduced to around 3 lakh for them, considering their financial condition, and the urgency of the situation.

The family is trying hard to pool in funds and arrange for Rs. 1.5 lakh on their own.

Although they are trying, they have not been able to arrange for much and have exhausted their network. We are trying to crowdfund to help this family save a wife and a mother of two little children.

Afsarabi will not survive if the surgery is not performed at the earliest.

Her condition is worsening every day. Her 5-year-old son and 2-year-old daughter do not understand much, but are very close to their mother and need her. Abdul is losing hope every day.

Your support will save Afsarabi’s life and keep her alive for the sake of herself, husband and two children.
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26th April 2017
Dear supporters,

I am Debotri, a fellow at Milaap. Here is an update on Afsarabi's health.

I spoke to Afsarabi's  husband, Abdulrauf, this morning. "My wife is doing well. Due to the complications, the only ray of hope was an early treatment. She got operated free of cost from Greater Kailash Hospital, Indore. She was admitted to the ICU for almost 2 weeks. Currently, she has improved a lot. She is my lifeline and I feel extremely happy to see her getting better with each passing day", he said.

Since March, the family has to go to Indore for the checkup. And per trip costs them around Rs 5000. Afsarabi's monthly medical expenses are almost Rs 2000. "Although we find it little difficult to arrange money for the family to run, I feel extremely lucky to find a supportive husband like him", she said.

Thank you, donors, for your support and contribution.

Team Milaap

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Let me know the latest update

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Va'izaa marizthu fahuva yeshfeen.....May U get well soon & take care of Ur innocent kids, IA.

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God bless

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