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Could you help sponsor a few school supplies for our kids? They fight for the 'basics' everyday.


Teach for India (TFI) is the Indian Chapter of Teach for All (TFA), a global initiative that envisions to bring excellent educational opportunities to all children.
Just imagine yourself walking into a Government School (catering almost to 500 students) and there you see students who have immense potential of becoming future entrepreneurs, peace makers, restores, leaders, story tellers and everything that our world needs.
We four Fellows at Teach For India, walk into one of such school every morning and try our best to help these curious minds redefine their own limits in our holy experimental labs a.k.a classrooms to defy their predetermined destinies. As statistics preach that only 10% of our children, nationwide, will make it to college.
Working in an under-resourced school, we have started to understand the unfettered potential of a book - reading levels, a colouring box - art and craft essentials and even soap - basic hygiene. A realisation dawned upon us that a big step towards imparting an excellent education to these bright and eager minds, lies in the basic resources.
Stationary, classroom supplies, educational field trips, books and novels, toiletries supply for school, play zone for younger ones. These are imperative to our children's' growth and learning.
You might ask what choice do I have? What can I do about this? We say, any amount helps. Your simple saving on a coffee or a dinner can go a long way in ridding educational inequity.
Because you still have a choice but for our children, it is still a fight for basics.
The School is Hambirao Moze English Medium School and is located in Chandan Nagar, Pune. The Teach For India Fellows working in the school are:
Prashant B.V. (2nd Grade- 78 kids)
Seema Garg and Simrin Chachi (Co- teaching 3rd Grade- 84 kids) &
Srishti Gulati (5th Grade- 52 kids).

Who we are helping

Nurina Khatun
Mitali Biswas Sarkar
Anoyara Khatun
Alima Khatun
Bebi Sarkar
Suchitra A
Sonia Ch
Lilapati P
Nalini L
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Goal: Rs.300,000