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Gyanantar - Gyan + Antar , Bringing change in life with Education
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About the campaign  -
We are gyanantar,  trying to bring change the way we educate children, following the ancient pedagogy which used to give more emphasis on the part which tells you how to live happily ever after. We are trying to nurture children and feed their brain only with positive thoughts, best of life skills, the same way if a plant is shaped and taken care of becomes a perfect tree and thus , we are leaving no stone unturned to bring change in future of India,in the way we would love to see.
  In short Gyananatar can be seen as an organization remodeling the way of living at educational level
Every adult in India loves to complaints about degradation of Values in Indian society,but no one wants to act or to do something about it. We can redesign the future by acting right in the present. By imbibing the right value system in the students.Our efforts subconsciously guide them to think/speak/act by virtue & not by command, Control aggression, violent behavior, words/actions by bringing moral science in action in daily life.

Previous results – Our organization has already done great job in past .Till date we have helped more than 3000 children and changed their behavior, the feedback and their transformation can be seen in the testimonial videos.

Whenever we deliver our workshop program in schools, at the end we feel satisfied, that unknowingly enough we have saved these many lives, we have rejuvenated the way these children are going to live, yes they are going to live happily ever after, yes they will know the value of love, value of respect , value of life.

Principals response after our Program

Teachers Views about Gyanantar :

Future Plans – In the next 2 years we are trying to target more than 10,000 students and change their behavior and values from inside out. Though it will not change the world completely but still we would change a considerable amount of future flab bearers.
How and what your contribution can make difference –Re-engineering values is one solution which works in two ways. Well imagine with your contribution we could train a child in the right direction, then this one child will not turn to the dark sides of life or will not turn in to someone harming the society(as we are hearing the news of rich and educated people from news industry killing their own children) and parallel it may transform that child into someone who is actually good for society and his further generations.

Glimpse of our work 



Our Organization is inculcating moral values and promoting more of applied positive attitude in children, which results in very strong value system, deep rooted life skills,improves behavior and attitude of children. By involving every child in eye opening scientific experiments we help him/her understand the long term impact of good and bad thoughts/words on the body and their environment.

Here is the price breakdown of our funding capital -
we are dividing task into 2 parts
Convincing school - Part A
Implementation in Schools - Part B
Salary of 4 employees - 15,000 ( per employee ) * 4 = 60,000
Brochures, printouts, handouts cost =30,000
Total cost per month - =90,000
Cost for 2 months 90,000 * 2 = 1,80,000
We will need at least 10 felicitator
Salary of 10 felicitator - 15,000 ( per felicitator ) * 10 =1,50,000
Adding up cost of part A and part B = 3,30,000
This is the amount we require for first 2 months .

We are just trying to bring that change in society, your one donation can help changing future of one child.

You can also make difference by referring our program to schools.

To have detailed insight , please visit our website Gyananatar

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