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Life Saving Surgeries and Shelter for Animals In Need.
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HELP BUILD OUR SANCTUARY, because for so many ... we are their ONLY CHANCE!Each & every day thousands of precious lives who so desperately want to live are KILLED, with no hope, and absolutely NO chance -- these are the "truly unwanted" that are hidden away in the back wing of the county shelters whose fates are essentially sealed - not available for adoption to the general public - considered imperfect, labeled challenged ... sitting completely alone as they face certain death feeling utterly hopeless ... our sanctuary is desperately needed to help these lost souls.Why Is Our Sanctuary Needed?
Our sanctuary is beyond urgent ... we fight hard for the discarded, often misunderstood animals that so desperately want to live on and show them love -- for most likely the very first time in their lives. We rescue dogs no one else will take ... ones others can't handle that are considered aggressive, too challenged and worthless. With so many dogs lost or dumped at county each and every day, dogs given away for free, or being pushed out to anyone, the dogs with behavioral issues have little to no chance. Unfortunately, we live in a throw-away society, and when an animal is so easily replaced, most people will not deal with a dog with issues! Many do not receive proper socialization causing fearful tendencies which can lead to animal or human aggression. These pups have been failed by humans and it is our responsibility as a rescue to help them. There are other rescue groups out there -- but they mainly take highly adoptable dogs -- there are none in Ferozpur (Punjab)that consistently help the challenged behavioral pups. Hope for paws,Punjab has been rescuing these types of dogs for quite some time now. Many of the pups we have rescued have been rehabilitated and placed into their forever homes, but many others have been returned or cannot be adopted out. This is no fault of the dogs, it's simply due to non-committed pet owners. Since we maintain a 100% no kill policy, and take back EVERY dog we rescue -- we have no more room or any experienced fosters available to help. In order to build a home for our current rescues and prevent more from dying the SANCTUARY MUST BE BUILT RIGHT NOW!

Here at Hope for Paws we are passionately dedicated to saving death row animals that are totally overlooked and considered too challenged and too difficult by others. These are the precious souls that truly have NO ONE -- animals with a certain dreadful fate that urgently need rescued now! Please take part in this incredible life saving mission and DONATE RIGHT            Volunteers at Hope for Paws find beauty and worth in innocent lives wrongfully shaped by a difficult and agonizing past.... whose internal wound and emotional scars, not treatable by a mere prescription, will require much patience, hard work, unconditional love, and a commitment for life. Our dedication to the animals reaches far beyond simply saving lives. We are devoted and work tirelessly to bring about ultimate life-changing transformations so each animal can realize his/her fullest potential and enjoy the highest quality life possible.

What Will The Sanctuary Offer?

•Experienced, Loving StaffOur rescues are properly cared for, well-handled and shown love, compassion and patience by our warm and caring staff.
•Home-Like SettingIndoor lounge areas for play, and rooms designed to resemble a home-like setting where dogs can relax and begin to experience what it feels like to be part of a loving home.
•Outdoor Play Group AreasMultiple play yards where dogs can learn to be social. Each play yard will be fenced keeping social pups together while separating ones needing a bit more training. Also, smaller sized pups will be kept separate from larger ones.
•Private Comfortable Suites / HomesEach animal will have his very own spacious area within a small home, providing a comfy Kuranda bed and plenty of toys.
In order to begin building, YOUR DONATION IS NEEDED RIGHT NOW.  Help us save more death row animals -- who would otherwise have no one and absolutely no chance at life -- time is of the essence, and we cannot continue to save more until our sanctuary is built.
Hope for Paws is a rescue that is working hard to make an eternal difference to so many. We bring LIFE & HEALING to the broken, considered hopeless ... Animals others said were too broken and would never be anything make complete life-changing transformations under our faith, love and tireless efforts! We consistently maintain a 100% NO KILL POLICY!

If you feel there is beauty, worth and hope in all life and want to see thousands more death row animals saved and living life to the fullest the ...

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