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I am fundraising to enable better life to women by making them environmental change agents.

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Do you know that there are people still working for less than 50 rupees per day and struggling very hard to make their ends meet? Do you know the proportion of people working in India slipped and share of unemployment ticked up and this is much greater in women due to various family obligations to study or work?

What would you do if you found out that all of the trees in your state were scheduled to be cut down? Or your city's main water source was slowly being contaminated? Or maybe that your condo sat atop a waste dump? Would you move?

Although government mediums are playing their part in disseminating information and generating employment opportunities, not all members of different ages and sex are able to equally get livelihood opportunities , and a physical space where any womaImage titlen from the community could come to discover new skills, could learn hands on new clean technologies, work for their  livelihoods, get together with others on creating a platform that will ensure the economic generation coupled with safeguarding the environment, and mainly catch the fun of creation  ranging from daily use technology to producing  recycled product from the waste is one felt need. I am working on the same as part of my pilot initiative, Green Wave.

Speaking of Green Wave’s philosophy first, it could be summarized by a statement: Creating Utilities that care for the environment and society. There are still women who face obligations to study or work. They are in a position unable to come out of their houses and neither can find jobs because of their poor education background. Green Wave will try to address this by using small technologies which can be used by women very easily and can utilize for continuous economic generation by the women.  

Why do I do this as part of my pilot venture?

I travelled across India and lived in few remotest parts of the country with the communities. I have seen people who live very comfortably and those who strive hard to earn a two meal per day. There are still people who don’t know how the national flag of India looks like and don’t know about the government/government schemes. There is a good amount of contradictions and  diversities among various communities.

I learnt that “only by leaving your home and going out of the comfort zone, you recognize that your own place has to be built and refreshed again.” I want to start a venture which will enable women as environmental change makers and earn income respectfully.

What do we do?

We at Green Wave, are working on small clean technologies which can address the problem of livelihoods among women who have various obligations and also save the environment by using effective recycling and reusing of Waste as a resource. Initially we are working on manufacturing of incense sticks/agarbattis/dhoop sticks from the floral disposals procured from the temples with various process modifications. The incense sticks manufactured in this way are pure and without any chemicals and as a result are not harmful to humans.

The other product that we are working on is manufacturing of Paper from Mushrooms. The paper manufactured in this way might entail minimum production cost and simultaneously can act as waste management technique.

How do we do?

The above products are manufactured by employing effective reusing and recycling of waste. We employ women in the process of manufacturing of the products. These women are otherwise unable to take up regular jobs due to lack of education and family responsibilities.

Help me in my endeavour to spread the reach of Green Wave to the Women and eventually help them earn income promoting them as environment change agents.

About Me:

A believer of Ecofeminism  Nikhil Gampa is a student of Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai and holds a degree in engineering from National Institute of Technology (NIT), Durgapur. He has worked in the past as research assistant with various research labs like Kakatiya University, NIT Durgapur, IIT Delhi.

To get updates on what I'm trying and the onward progress. Kindly follow this page:
Your suggestions and input on my ideas will be highly appreciated. You could also get other information about my pilot venture Green Wave through this FB page.

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Hi Nikhil, good job thats a great idea!!