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Educating Grace Home Children
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Brother Ramyo, a pastor in his mid 40s, hailing from North Eastern India, has been looking after kids who have been deserted and orphaned from his home town.

Currently, his wife and him are looking after of 17 children, between the age groups of 6 to 16. They live in a small 2 floor house which could accommodate only a max of ten people.Due to lack of space to accommodate the children, he has managed to build a small shelter outside his house which barely suffices the requirement. 

Juggling responsibilities of a pastor and a custodian, he does not have the wherewithal to support and provide for the basic necessities of these children.

He requires assistance in order to pay for the children’s books,fees and uniforms. 

Cost of educating per child is Rs.6500. As of right now, we need to collect funds to pay for 9 more kids education. The remaining funds will go to the Milaap foundation. Breakup of requirement is as below:

Fees: Rs.40,000
Books:Rs. 10,250
Uniforms:Rs. 14,000

Assistance of any kind would be helpful.

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