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Gou Sanjivini Project: Introduction
Indian economy is largely dependent on our villages and cows/ cattle are the backbones of rural economy. Many times, villagers have to sell their Desi cows for their immediate financial need or when they stop giving milk, or they sell their bullocks because of huge drought which makes farming for that year non profitable. Finally many of these cattle end up in the slaughterhouses.

These cattle, instead of landing in slaughterhouses should be bought and protected. In this way, saving Indigenous cattle, the wealth of our nation, means to save the culture and tradition of this country as well. Gou Sanjivini project regularly buys cattle from farmers which go into the hands of butchers. Here we need to mention the very specific case of a huge disaster happening every year in the name of Aadi Festival.

Cattle Market is Butchers Market?
Aadi Jatra is an annual festival organized at Andiyur of Erode district in TamilNadu, bordering Karnataka.  Initially Aadi Jatra was organized to benefit farmers. But lately the Jatra is controlled entirely by Slaughterers. It is inevitable for innocent farmers to sell their cows, but what they are not aware of is, whatever cows sold in Aadi Jatra will eventually reach slaughterers and gets killed brutally!
To save huge number of cattles from death, Swamaiji of Shri Ramachandrapura Matha proposed starting Abhaya Festival.

What is Abhaya Festival?
Abhaya Festival is a befitting reply to the Aadi Festival. Shockingly thousands of cows which were saved under #GouPranaBhiksha and #GiveUpAMeal initiatives, few months back, providing fodder free of cost for several months, are the same cows now are heading to Aadi Festival! How can anyone let this happen?
To counter the Aadi Festival and to provide farmers an alternate option not to sell it to slaughterers, Abhaya Festival was organized at Kempayyana Hatti village in Chamarajanagar district from 11 to 13th August 2017 and will be repeated 2-3 times every year.
•At Aadi Festival, cattle are mainly purchased to Slaughter them
•In Abhaya Festival, cows are purchased to save them, to provide them their right to live. Cows are bought under the scheme of GouSanjivini and then are looked after by the Matha.

Besides Abhaya Festival, Cows and cattle are also regularly saved while being transported by butchers or purchased by poor farmers, with help of Gou Parivar team, ground level volunteers. Gou Sanjivini takes care of these cattle on regular basis.
There is huge need of spreading awareness and getting support for Gou Sanjivini. Come be a part of this noble cause and donate generously.
Vande Gou Mataram!

Gou Sanjeevini - to save Cows
Gou Sanjeevini - to save Cows
Gou Bank @ MM Hills 1000 cows give shelter instead of Slaughter house!
Gou Bank @ MM Hills 1000 cows give shelter instead of Slaughter house!
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23rd October 2017
Dear supporters,

It is scientifically researched, Bos Indicus (Indian cow breeds) have humongous medicinal values in their milk, ghee, urine, cow dung which no other animal in the planet can offer! In fact, there are several US patents on this subject. Various natural Cow products are Cow Urine being Antibiotic, anti-fungal bio enhancer, anti-allergic, nutrient and anti-cancer are a few to name.

Study also shows that many Desi Cow breeds are almost extinct!
We have a GouBank, that lets farmers deposit their cows in safe hands if they can’t rear them, and farmers can take it back from the Goushala (GouBank) for farming at a later point when they are comfortable.
We also buy cows that would otherwise be sold for slaughtering.
Recently we have rescued over a thousand cows from Male Mahadeshwara Hills region and provided safe shelter. We are raising fund for protecting another 10000 abattoir-bound cows, with each cow costing about Rs. 15000 if bought from farmer, and much higher if bought from slaughterer!

We urge your support for us reaching the farmers who cannot rear cows due to drought situation, from those who are not able to earn revenue from cows. We can’t let them reach slaughter house at any cost! We encourage people to come forward to rear cows in small/big numbers.

If you cannot rear them, you can assist us in buying them from slaughterers and securing them in safe hands.

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