Gou Sanjeevini

It is scientifically researched, Bos Indicus (Indian cow breeds) have humongous medicinal values in their milk, ghee, urine, cow dung which no other animal in the planet can offer! In fact, there are several US patents on  this subject. Various natural Cow products are Cow Urine being Antibiotic, anti fungal bio enhancer, anti allergic, nutrient and anti cancer are a few to name.

Study also shows that many Desi Cow breeds are almost extinct!
We have a GouBank, that lets farmers deposit their cows in safe hands if they cant rear them, and farmers can take it back from the Goushala (GouBank) for farming at a later point when they are comfortable. 

We also buy cows that would otherwise be sold for slaughtering. Recently we have rescued over a thousand cows from Male Mahadeshwara Hills region and provided safe shelter. We are raising fund for protecting another 10000 abattoir-bound cows, with each cow costing about Rs. 15000 if bought from farmer, and much higher if bought from slaughterer! 

We urge your support for us reaching the farmers who cannot rear cows due to drought situation, from those who are not able to earn revenue from cows. We cant let them reach slaughter house at any cost! We encourage people to come forward to rear cows in small/big numbers.

 If you can not rear them, you can assist us in buying them from slaughterers and securing them in safe hands.
Gou Bank @ MM Hills 1000 cows give shelter instead of Slaughter house!
Gou Bank @ MM Hills 1000 cows give shelter instead of Slaughter house!
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20th September 2017
Dear Supporters,

Today the word 'milk' reminds us of that delivery boy who throws two blue packets on the front door with the ringing sound of his bicycle; we don't even remember the farmer who toils day and night to feed his cows, or the cow which accepts the green grass and expresses it's gratitude by giving nectar-like milk!

We don't even remember the thousands of cows who breath their last in hell-like slaughter houses when we click selfies with loved ones in zoos in front of near extinct animals!Imagine the exalted position which our culture has bestowed on goumata! Imagine the part a cow plays in rituals from our birth to death! Who is to be blamed for the alarming decrease in domestic cow-breeds from over hundred in 1947 to just over 30 now? We have to save cow clan from this mad massacre.

 Jagadguru Shankaracharya Sri Sri Raghaveshwara Bharathi Mahaswamiji has vowed to protect the remaining cow breeds through a massive effort called 'GouSanjivini'. Thousands of cows which were about to die a gory death in the hands of slaughterers have been given a new life under this project. Come, join hands by donating a small sum through the below link to ensure that the cow-clan survives on Planet Earth.

Let's create history and demonstrate that a heart that sympathizes is more valuable than a wealthy pocket which covers it!

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