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My kids need a classroom and toilets. And we need your help
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I am a Teach For India fellow, teaching in a small school in rural Bangalore. GLPS Veerenhalli has 150 kids. The kids live around the school and come daily to school. Most of their parents are labourers or factory workers and works one or two jobs to support the family. And hence my children see me more then they see their own parents. This leaves a huge part of their responsibility on me and I strive to do justice to it. It is extremely easy to make them happy. One action song or a story can make their day. I have learnt the importance of small joys from them the past one year:)
The school itself is tiny, with only 2 proper classrooms and classes till 7th grade crammed in small rooms. Classes 1-4 were in one room and 5-7 in another. The school doesn't have a proper toilet, which leads to kids urinating and defecating in open fields nearby which is an extremely unhealthy practice. This is my last year in TFI and I want to leave the school after doing something that will stay on after I leave. And hence I have initiated the construction of one more classroom for the school and properly functioning toilets for girls and boys. I am aware that the task in front of me in huge but I will attempt nevertheless. I urge you to think of what my kids deserve and what they are getting. Will their education be complete without even having space to move around? Or not knowing how to be clean and hygienic? Please support me and my children with whatever you can give :) 

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