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Help 28 Innocent Souls to Fly
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“A child without education is like a bird without wings”.
I am a Teach for India fellow currently teaching 28 innocent souls of grade 2 of a low income private school. Being a fresh engineering graduate, in the beginning  I had no idea what to expect from a group of 28, 7 to 8 years old kids or what to deliver to them. But their innocence and their curiosity to learn new things is motivating me to push my limits to create a joyful and magical environment inside the classroom. For the last four months it has been a really great learning experience for all of us (me and them).
These kids, they too have dreams, they too want to fly, they too want to leave a mark in this world. But when it comes to reality, the world outside is really harsh and too competitive. Competition is good, till it’s healthy. But, when we look into the competition in the real world, on one side there are the ultra privileged section of the society for whom the line which serves as the starting line is the finishing line for the other under privileged section. A simple example, the ultra privileged section of the kids are learning using sophisticated learning tools, high end sophisticated books(   like Alphabet books where you have sliders & inbuilt speakers, if you slide the slider to one side it will read A for Apple and a picture of apple comes, and when you slide it to the other side it will read A for Alligator with a picture of alligator appearing)  while  for the other section of the kids getting a normal paperback book is like privilege.
Keeping all this in mind, I am raising fund so that they get the bare minimum opportunity to learn new things. It doesn’t matter whether they win the race or not but it is really important that the starting line should be the same for all.
As Helen Keller Said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”.
I have started my journey, and doing my part.  you can also be a part of it by contributing something so that their struggles to get their wings become little easy.
[P.S Talking about my lollipop moment in this journey of four months, the following  incident describes the best.
One day while we were having teacher’s meeting, my class was looked after by some grade 5 kids. In the middle of the meeting I went to see how my kids were doing. And what I saw amazed me a lot. A kid from grade 5 was holding a wooden cube and said to my kids that it was a square .To which all my kids said in unison, “Akka! you are wrong, it is not a square it is a Cube”.  My face glowed with a wide smile while my heart got sated. MY KIDS ARE LEARNING!!!]
N.B: This fundraising is done to buy some basic learning tools like
1. A low cost projector set for the classroom.
2. Speakers
3. Tablet (or a low cost laptop)
4. Books (encyclopedia and other children’s  books).
5. Craft materials (Origami books, paper, polymer clay etc.)
The audit of the expenses will be transparent and will be regularly updated.

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