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12 Year Old girl Shalu hails from a small village called Sehpau situated in Hathrus district of Uttar Pradesh. She was born with a hole in heart also called, Large ASD. A birth defect that causes a hole in the wall between the heart's upper chambers (atria). Due to her illness, she suffers from shortness of breath, heart palpitations, fatigue & Poor Weight gain. The child also does not go to school since most of his father's earnings go into buying medicines for her. The doctors have suggested the only cure to her defect is by undergoing a heart surgery which will cost close to 3 lakhs.
The family requires your support to save the child.

Shalu's father, Rajkumar works as a day laborer at his village and his daily income ranges between 60 Rs to 200 Rs. His income depends on the availability of work at his village. There are 6 members in the family including 4 children. Shalu since from her birth had difficulties in breathing as there was no qualified doctor present in her village to diagnose her heart problem. 
Shalu used to get out of breath just after walking for few minutes and used to constatnly breath heavily. Seing her condition Rajkumar took her for proper diagnosis to Delhi, where she diagnosed with Large ASD. Since the operation would cost 3 lakhs rupees Rajkumar got disheartened and retuned. back

"A day labor is entitlted to nothing" says Rajkumar

There has been many ocassions when the family had to stay hungry for the whole since they dis not have enough money to purchase food. 
"There has been times when Shalu constantly breathes heavily I just helplessly watch her condition since I cannot afford her treatment" mentions Rajkumar.

Both the parents want to their daughter study, become an adult and lead a happy life however which minimum bare money to spend they are unable to treat thier child.

Why should you contribute ?

Shalu needs a device closure to treat her illness and cost of Device Closure is 2 lakh rupees. Including Pre & Post Operative Expenses it will cost around 2.75 lakhs. Her parents are going from a difficult situation as his father somehow arranges money for the food of his family by working hard into the fields. 
Your support will help chem save the child. Kindly come forward and help Shalu survive.
Estimated Letter from treating pediatric cardiologist
Estimated Letter from treating pediatric cardiologist
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16th June 2017
Dear Donors,

Thanks a lot for your dear contributions.
Shalu's condition is under control by the medicines prescribed by doctor's. With her improved condition, she doesn't need to go to the local doctor for breathlessness. Keep sending prayers for her.


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