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Hi, I am Gaurav Achpalea, a qualified professional journalist. I received my Masters Degree in Media and Communications in May 2017 from University of Wollongong.

After receiving my Masters degree, I returned to India and started producing a journalistic web-series. 'Epiphany by Gaurav' is a journalistic web-series on YouTube that's all about moments of epiphany, wherein you suddenly get a deeper understanding about a certain aspect of life.

Such moments may come across through different sources, such as an incident, an event, a story, a person, a group of people. At it's core, the goal of the web-series is to cover and share inspiring stories from one city at a time, in order to encourage and motivate other residents of the city to walk down a similar positive path. After all, the proximity of the story multiplies it's ability to inspire the viewer. Watching someone in similar circumstances do something good, validates the thought of the viewer that they too can make a positive difference.

So let's celebrate real life heroes who are making the best use of their lives by working on things that have a positive impact on the society. Those who do small things in a significant way. Let's embrace their positivity and make it go viral, because 'what goes around comes around'.

To support me in this initiative and help me (re)cover the production cost of the web-series, kindly donate. 

The first season of this web-series is a year long project in Mumbai. It will cover positive stories of people and events in the city of Mumbai. The first season will be of 52 episodes that will have the duration of approximately 10-15 minutes each. 52 weeks = 1 year (New episode every Sunday, for 52 weeks).

For those who aren't completely aware of the equipments required and activities that need to be undertaken for producing the web-series, listed below are few activities to name a few. (The distribution of funds vary for each episode depending on a number factors viz. location, equipments required and other expenses).

Equipments: Camera(s), gimbal(s), video stabilizer(s), camera lenses, video editing setup, microphones, lights, tripod(s), etc.

Activities: Story research, video shoot, travel (with equipments and production assistants), video editing, etc.

Other expenses: Compensation for production assistants, phone bills, electricity bills, internet bills, etc.

The first few episodes have been released, you can see them on the YouTube channel link provided below.

I look forward to sharing inspiring moments with my viewers.

You too can give me some inspiration by sharing my videos, subscribing to my YouTube channel and most importantly donating to help me cover the production cost and make the web series sustain itself for a year.

To view, subscribe or share my YouTube channel - https://goo.gl/tQ3Ujq

To contact me - http://www.gavachpalea.com/contact/

My personal website - 
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2nd October 2017
Thanks for the support.
24th July 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thank you, so much for the support so far.

New episode released - 
16th July 2017
Dear Supporters,

Thank you, so much for the support so far.

New episode released - The singing gynaecologist of Thane

The singing gynaecologist of Thane: What happens when you follow your passion, and it helps others improve their daily lives? Yes, you definitely improve in the hobby, but more importantly, you also start living a stress busting lifestyle.
Don't believe it?
Watch the video and see for yourself, how the passion for singing of one gynaecologist in Thane, has resulted in reducing the stress levels of the people who became a part of his singing venture that started as a small karaoke club.

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