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The Water Project

**Edit** 7th August

More recent press coverage for The Water Project

Thank you all so much for the support towards the Water Project! The more we understand the needs of this Water project from both HOH and experts in this field, we believe that there is a possibility that most, if not all the funds collected till date would be required to facilitate a replenishing water supply solution and help eradicate the water woes that the mission has been facing for the past 4 years. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Reji Koshy

Thank you all so much for the support towards the Water Project! We have raised Rs 10 lakhs. Contributions over this will be used for the running of the Home, specifically going towards the food needs of the inhabitants. Raja feeds 720 people three times a day. The food expenses of the Home come to over Rs 11 lakhs per month. 
Help the Home of Hope support it's inhabitants!

Recent Press coverage received for the Water Project:

The Water Project: Phase 1
The mission has a property located near a lake, and had already commenced digging a borewell but unfortunately had to stop at a depth of 400 feet because of lack of funds. This re-digging of the borewell should be able to sustain their desire of accommodating 1000 people in the near future. 

His immediate need of the hour is to restart the digging of the borewell that would help the Homeless Shelter with water. 

I'm looking at raising 3 lakhs for this project

Let's help him so that he may continue helping others!
Site 1 Invoice.
Site 1 Invoice.
Site 2 Invoice
Site 2 Invoice
Site 3 Invoice
Site 3 Invoice
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1st February 2018
Update 12 - TWP

Dear Donors, thank you for your patience and support. Although this update was overdue, I wanted to share one only when there was enough content to document the progress in our project.  

Site 1 - Further to digging the borewell and striking water, the work on this OHT had been completed somewhere in mid December. We then started plastering the entire structure to give it a more complete and finishing touch. A room was constructed below the OHT on request by HOH (to be utilised by them as seen fit). We even undertook cleaning up the site of large stones and rocks that were dumped there earlier (still a WIP) by clearing it to one side of the plot with the help of a JCB. Whilst other permissions and work was going on we had simultaneously initiated multiple tasks at the other sites (Site 2) & (Site 3). Finally we constructed a compound wall with a gate for security reasons as well as to give this stage of the project a sense of closure.

Attached are some of the progressive images during the work and also the completed structure.

Mid Nov to Dec, work in progress before completion in Jan.


The Completed Overhead Tank and Compound wall with Gate.

Photo of water tankers regularly filling water for HOH.

Site 2 :

Rain Water Harvest & Recharge Pit with Underground sump for Storage.

With having the material procured, we began our second stage for Rain Water Harvest at the gents ward.

Early Dec to Dec End

In accordance to our plan we built a sump with a capacity of approximately 80000 litres at the gent's ward to capture and store the maximum flow of water during the rains. We've constructed a recharge process to help clean the water that is captured. We are certain that this would bring them much more respite in the water problem they faced all these years.

Completed structure of Recharge pit and Sump.

The Rain Water Harvest roofing job is a work in progress (WIP) which has already commenced and completed updates should be in by mid Feb.

Lastly here are a couple of links to videos to showcase the success of TWP

As of now, I can state that The Water Project was a success and we all along with Milaap's help have collectively helped Home of Hope's inmates with their water issue (hopefully for some years from now)

(e & o.e.)

Thank you all and God bless.

Reji Koshy
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