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My house help Krishna is an adult 50+ year old man and father of a teenage boy. He lives in a slum and earns just enough after working graveyard shifts in a few houses to keep his family afloat. In the last 9 years that I have known him, our communication has been only about work. Today for the first time he requested to speak to me for 2 mins.

He looked terrified. He told me that he had to take a loan of 8 lakhs to get his 3 brothers married. All of them left the house without offering to help him clear the loans. To clear part of this loan, he took a further loan from a family he works with. The family forced him to mortgage his house as security and for the last few years have only been collecting interest on the principal amount, in effect turning him into a bonded labourer. For the last few days the other creditors have been hounding and threatening him to immediately pay off all their dues amounting to Rs.5 lakh, failing which there will be dire consequences. No bank is willing to give him a loan because he has nothing to keep as security.

Krishna folded his hands, trembled and was literally short of crying and begged me to help him raise funds urgently or arrange for an interest free loan. There was fear and helplessness in his eyes and I knew he has come to me as a last resort. I told him I would do my best to see how I can help him raise funds besides some amount that I will personally pay, not because I have a solution, but because I didn't want him to lose hope and take any drastic actions. I am even scared to think of what he may end up doing.

It pains me beyond words can describe to see a respectable man who is honestly trying to make a living to be pushed to the absolute limit of misery, humiliation and despair and all because he wanted to help his family. And it deeply angers and upsets me to see the inhumanity of rich people who thrive off the misery of those already on the brink of survival. To top it all, the financial system in our country that is not designed to help those below the poverty line.

I am attempting to raise the full amount of Rs 8,00,000 Lakhs so that he can be completely debt free and also get his house papers back. The meagre salary he earns is barely enough to meet his basic expenses and to provide for his son's education. It will take him years to be able to repay anyone, so crowd funding is the only way he can be rescued from ruthless loan sharks.

While its a day I feel really ashamed of being a human, yet it's only humans I can trust to help uplift other humans.

I am sharing Krishna's story in this human network, just in case any of you reading this feel you can help. I have always believed that the universe has strange ways of helping people, so this is just me still being hopeful for another human who is on the brink of losing all hope.

All funds collected will be given to Krishna and I will keep all donors who support this fund raising initiative to save Krishna from Loan sharks on how things go.

Since this is an urgent case, request you to please share this campaign widely in your networks. Any help from anyone is really going to go a very long way to free a human being from a life time of debt and bonded labour.

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30th January 2018

Pleased and relieved to share with you that Krishna finally got his house papers back from Creditor 4 a few days back. He kept Krishna waiting for several days saying he is busy even after he informed him that he had the full amount to pay him back. I was concerned that he might try some other form of coercion to retain the house papers and asked him to go along with his wife and son on the day he finally asked him to come. Thankfully, he has given back all the original documents that he had taken from Krishna.

Krishna has also cleared part payments of Rs 30,000 each to Creditors 1, 2 and 3 i.e a total of Rs 90,000.  This was done from the remaining amount of Rs 73,466.26 collected through crowdfunding and adding the balance amount from his salary.

So, currently the balance outstanding is as follows :

Creditor 1 - Rs 45,000

Creditor 2 - Rs 45,000

Creditor 3 - Rs 45,000

Creditor 4 - Nil

I am withdrawing amount of 137.85 USD today and an additional INR amount that has been contributed to the campaign after my last update. I will mail a separate update for the INR amount. Can't thank you enough for being such a great source of strength through this long but fruitful journey.

Thank you!
18th December 2017

It's been a long, but a fruitful journey trying to help Krishna start a debt free life. In the last few weeks since my last update, following progress has been made :

- The amount of 151.36 USD  (Rs 9,714.93) collected from Milaap funds in the last withdrawal in addition to Krishna's own salary and Diwali bonus was used to pay Rs 25,000 to the creditor to whom he had to pay Rs 2 lakhs.

- We have been able to raise an additional Rs 50,000 through other sources.

- Krishna has spoken to a lawyer to come along with him on the day he hands over the payment of Rs 1.5 lakh to the creditor who has his house papers, to ensure a smooth transition.

I will be withdrawing the balance Milaap funds of Rs 1,73,466.28 today. This is the balance amount after Milaap's deduction of platform charges and taxes. This amount in addition to Rs 50,000 that has been raised from other sources amounts to Rs 2,23,466.28.

This is the statement of current outstanding amounts :

Creditor 1 - Original outstanding amount Rs 1.5 Lakhs. Current outstanding Rs 75,000.

Creditor 2 - Original outstanding amount Rs 1.5 Lakhs. Current outstanding Rs 75,000.

Creditor 3 - Original outstanding amount Rs 2 Lakhs. Current outstanding Rs 75,000.

Creditor 4  - Original outstanding amount Rs 1.5 Lakhs. He holds Krishna's house papers.


This is how the total collected amount of Rs 2,23,466.28 will be used :

Rs. 1,50,000 will be paid to Creditor 4 to get the house papers back.

The balance amount of Rs 73,466.26 will be divided into 3 parts. Each part of Rs 24, 448.75 will be rounded off to Rs 25,000 by Krishna and paid to Creditors 1, 2 and 3 respectively. This will bring down outstanding amounts as follows :

Creditor 1 - Rs 50,000
Creditor 2 - Rs 50,000
Creditor 3 - Rs 50,000
Creditor 4 - nil
Total outstanding amount - Rs 1.5 Lakhs

The most healing part of this process for Krishna has been the support that he has received from his community members, his mother and some other members of his family after he informed them about what he had gone through all these years. It has helped him to move from a point of being isolated and desperate under his burden of debt to building a greater sense of security and self esteem that can only come from the support of a community. I am hopeful that this will give him the necessary emotional support to pay off the balance amount of Rs 1.5 lakhs that is still due.

Once the current payment is done, I will help him devise a monthly payment plan from his salary to pay off the remaining amount and ask him to speak to his creditors to give him some more time to pay back the amount. I am hoping that since he has paid back a bulk of the amounts due to them, they will agree.

The next two weeks are critical because Creditor 4 in my understanding will not be a straightforward person to deal with as he could be more interested in his house than the loan amount. I will be briefing Krishna and speaking to his lawyer to facilitate a smooth transfer of his house documents. Please pray that this goes smoothly. This part is very critical.

This collaborative journey that I have been on with each of you has been deeply humbling for me. Besides the generous monetary contribution, the advice and encouragement I have received from many of you has underscored my faith in the greatness of what human communities can achieve for each other. I have told Krishna about how crowdfunding works and how people from around the world are backing him and he was pleasantly surprised and very grateful.

When I started this campaign I was holding out hope for a man who had lost all hope and was on the edge of desperation. Today, the same man backed by the strength of strong human networks has regained his self respect and the strength to fight his own circumstances. Thank you for being a part of this incredibly transformative journey. I will keep you posted once the payments are made.

9th October 2017
Hello. There has been some progress and some setbacks in my initiative to help Krishna from loan sharks. I have managed to help Krishna raise Rs.20,000 from his own community members. He added Rs 5,000 from his wages and was able to pay Rs 25,000 one of his creditors.

One of the other creditors got to know about this and started pressurizing him to pay Rs 25,000/- to him as well. I asked him to speak to his mother who stays in his native village and request if she can help him, since he is paying off debts for helping his brothers. Initially he was hesitant, because he did not want to burden her as she is elderly and is also a house help just like him. But, eventually he did and she stepped up to give him him Rs.12,000/- from her savings. I gave him an additional amount of Rs. 5,000/- that a friend had transferred to my a/c to help him and  and a member of our society gave Rs 3,000/-. He added an additional Rs 5,000/- and gave the total sum of Rs 25,000/- to the second creditor.

So now this is what his credit sheet now looks like :

Creditor 1 - Originial amt due 1.5 lakh. Current amt due 75,000 INR.
Creditor 2 - Original amt due 1.5 lakh. Current amt due 75,000 INR.
Creditor 3 - Original amt due 2 lakh. Current amt due 1 lakh. (Collects monthly interest of Rs 2,000)
Creditor 4 - He has Krishna's house papers. Krishna owes him Rs 1.5 lakhs and he deducts Rs 2,200 as INTEREST from his monthly salary as house help.

So, total amt still to be paid off is Rs 4 Lakhs.

I was trying to see if Krishna can get his house papers back through legal means without having to pay Creditor 4 as he has been deducting money as interest and not the principal amt for several years, but most lawyers are advising against taking a risk and come up with the amount. So, I have added him back to the creditors list.

Now about the setbacks :

- Creditor 4 who is also a member of our housing society now has recently discharged him from duty from some work he used to do in the society. So, his total earnings per month have come down. I am concerned that he is trying to weaken Krishna financially so that he has more financial control over him.

- I called up a trust at a temple and requested for help. But, they refused to help saying they only help in medical cases and told me I was being foolish by trying to help him and that only 'God can help him'. This really upset me and set me back emotionally, but now my resolve is stronger.
The fight is not only about Krishna and the creditors, but the underlying mentality of the entire financial system in our country that pushes people to the edge of desperation and exploitation.


I am initiating a transfer of USD 151.36 to Krishna today from the funds collected from Milaap. I will ask him to add this to the salary and Diwali bonus he is likely to receive this month and see if he can pay off some amount to Creditor 3. I will transfer the remaining collected amount in installments.

Thanks for your support and please share this campaign link on social media. Most importantly, please pray that this initiative reaches its deserving conclusion and Krishna gets the justice he deserves.


Content Disclaimer: The facts and opinions, expressed in this fundraiser page are those of the campaign organiser or users, and not Milaap.
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