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My house help Krishna is an adult 50+ year old man and father of a teenage boy. He lives in a slum and earns just enough after working graveyard shifts in a few houses to keep his family afloat. In the last 9 years that I have known him, our communication has been only about work. Today for the first time he requested to speak to me for 2 mins.

He looked terrified. He told me that he had to take a loan of 8 lakhs to get his 3 brothers married. All of them left the house without offering to help him clear the loans. To clear part of this loan, he took a further loan from a family he works with. The family forced him to mortgage his house as security and for the last few years have only been collecting interest on the principal amount, in effect turning him into a bonded labourer. For the last few days the other creditors have been hounding and threatening him to immediately pay off all their dues amounting to Rs.5 lakh, failing which there will be dire consequences. No bank is willing to give him a loan because he has nothing to keep as security.

Krishna folded his hands, trembled and was literally short of crying and begged me to help him raise funds urgently or arrange for an interest free loan. There was fear and helplessness in his eyes and I knew he has come to me as a last resort. I told him I would do my best to see how I can help him raise funds besides some amount that I will personally pay, not because I have a solution, but because I didn't want him to lose hope and take any drastic actions. I am even scared to think of what he may end up doing.

It pains me beyond words can describe to see a respectable man who is honestly trying to make a living to be pushed to the absolute limit of misery, humiliation and despair and all because he wanted to help his family. And it deeply angers and upsets me to see the inhumanity of rich people who thrive off the misery of those already on the brink of survival. To top it all, the financial system in our country that is not designed to help those below the poverty line.

I am attempting to raise the full amount of Rs 8,00,000 Lakhs so that he can be completely debt free and also get his house papers back. The meagre salary he earns is barely enough to meet his basic expenses and to provide for his son's education. It will take him years to be able to repay anyone, so crowd funding is the only way he can be rescued from ruthless loan sharks.

While its a day I feel really ashamed of being a human, yet it's only humans I can trust to help uplift other humans.

I am sharing Krishna's story in this human network, just in case any of you reading this feel you can help. I have always believed that the universe has strange ways of helping people, so this is just me still being hopeful for another human who is on the brink of losing all hope.

All funds collected will be given to Krishna and I will keep all donors who support this fund raising initiative to save Krishna from Loan sharks on how things go.

Since this is an urgent case, request you to please share this campaign widely in your networks. Any help from anyone is really going to go a very long way to free a human being from a life time of debt and bonded labour.

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9th June 2017
Hello donors,

I know it's been a while since I shared an update about Krishna. This is because I had very little internet access the last couple of weeks as I was travelling.

Before I left, I had asked Krishna to give me letters from all his creditors mentioning the amount he owed them and also collected copies of their PAN cards/Aadhar cards. I had then given him Rs 1,10,000/- that I had collected from family and our housing society.

He has now paid Rs 50,000/- each to two of his creditors.  They have given him a receipt of both payments with revenue stamps attached. He has given me copies of both receipts.

So now he has a balance of Rs 10,000 of the amount I gave him.

I have so far collected Rs.1,25,511/- on Milaap. So, total collected both through cowdfunding and other sources is Rs. 2,35,511/-. The total amount payable to his creditors is Rs.5,00,000/-. So, there is still an amount of Rs. 2,64,4 89/- that I have to help Krishna raise.

Regarding his property papers and the amount of Rs 3,00,000/- that he needs to pay to get them back , I am sending Krishna to meet a couple of lawyers this weekend to figure out where he stands legally and what is the way forward.

I will start transferring the funds collected from all of you in installments to Krishna from next week and will keep you updated on what it is being used for.

Meanwhile, request to please continue sharing this link on your networks and sending your good vibes so that I can meet the funding goals and overcome all challenges.

Once again, a heart felt thanks for helping Krishna start a debt free life.


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