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Free University Education and Learning (FUEL); For Youth of India
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                  The “FUEL” campaign; ‘“FUEL” to ignite Youth of India

In our country we have problems like unemployment, underemployment, poverty and population-rise. They all can be cured in one attempt if we can provide quality education to our youth for free.
In present, youth getting bachelors degree from small, semi-urban cities and colleges in rural areas, are deprived of streamline Lecturers and Professors. Many of them can not afford technical degrees which certainly pave a way to employment or entrepreneurship. Occasionally they find few genuine mentors who motivate them to pursue higher studies but generally their future remain uncertain due to lack of updated guidance, books and conceptual knowledge. For last many years there are no fresh recruitment, in many state level universities in country.
Recently government decided to dissolve UGC (University Grand Commission) and form a new body to control higher education in country. We all are witness of present private education monopoly in technical courses and drop of quality in basic courses in many state level universities. These universities are least known for quality but are known for generating a bulk of untrained degree holders every year. Failures of any organisation leaves many black marks behind which we recognize later. In this situation the loss of underprivileged and lower income group remain obscure.

My story and relevance
I did my graduation and post graduation from a small college at a small town, affiliated to a state level university. Although I got few humble teachers their guidance was life changing, my struggle to get best updated knowledge with best of books and practical demonstrations remained personal. After qualifying GATE, NET, CSIR-JRF and doing Ph.D from Jawaharlal Nehru University (New Delhi), I turned back to my state, and witnessed the crisis of lecturers and concepts being offered to student in many colleges. Although I was also a victim of it, in my student life but fortunately I survived. Presently, I am settled at Nagpur, along with my spouse, an IT expert and as a dedicated entity to ignite and support our FUEL campaign.

A big question from the youth of India

If government accelerates the recruitment process of lecturers in all state level universities, ten times of present recruiting speed (which is quite impossible), then how many years it will take to provide talented highly qualified expert lecturers to the least preferred locations for them. Possibly it will take one more decade or more than that. In addition to this, we know that many talented top rank recruits choose best colleges as preference of posting, they don't want to go and teach in anonymous colleges situated in rural, semi urban areas. Therefore a large number of students will never get the updated quality, conceptual knowledge to compete in current competitive environment. So how will they make our country a better place to live?

Moreover private and paid tuition are not a solution to this present scenario; we can use modern tools and technology to provide them their primary rights as students. Today everyone has high speed internet at home, at merely Rs 100/month but not a highly knowledgeable experienced lecturer even at cost of Rs 1000/month nearby. If we provide the students advance conceptual education for free they will be empowered. My plan is to prepare subject matter tutorials (theory and practical) and complete chapters/semester-wise lectures for university students and offer them free of cost via online and offline videos. Lectures will also have details and pictures from best books available in market for that subject. Let every student have educationequivalent to highly esteemed national and international institution.
Presently, I am settled at Nagpur, along with my spouse, an IT expert and as a dedicated entity to ignite and support our FUEL campaign. I also invite all knowledgeable qualified people to join hand in developing course as per their area of expertise.

A movement, A Revolution

Let’s join hands to the Revolution, the new era of free education. Our mission is to ‘FUEL’ the youth by providing them basic conceptual knowledge, to make them confident and knowledge holder in addition to a university degree. Now we reform their future and they will build the future of India; the best we can do to our motherland.


Currently I am developing supportive concept learning course for Life Science as I have done my Ph.D in this subject. This will cover course curriculum of B.Sc degree in subject related to Life Science like Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Biotechnology etc. All these subjects have many standard areas of application that are further implemented in industries like agriculture, pharmacy, food and health industries. Subsequently year wise we will prepare free subject tutorials for all basic undergraduate and postgraduate courses with the help of eminent lecturers/professors. Following these guidance students will be able to secure knowledge, marks in university exams and in qualifying many entrance exams held at graduation level for higher studies, vocational degrees, professional courses and scholarships. They will be confident enough to peruse any related horizon if they have the strong command in their subject.

For more details you may visit our campaign website at
Let us join hand to make higher education free in India . Thanks to support us to FUEL up the movement.

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