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Standing Urination Device for Woman.
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Hello, We have tried to manufacture Female Standing Urination Device made from 100% Silicone Rubber which can be used for longest period of time as compared with any other material. We have seen that these type of similar device have been available in market made from Paper Board / Plastic / TRP / etc. which are high in cost and can not sustain for longer period of time where as paper board devices shall be disposable, which is making very very difficult for females to use by spending a big amount (for eg.: Rs.10 to Rs.18 per usage).

As we all know that majorly the toilets in India are complete unhygienic and due to which more than 98% of females in India suffer from UTI (Urinary Tract Infection).

There are several brands across the globe who have made these types of device and also successful in making all the females UTI FREE.

We have tried to make this device from Silicone Material which shall be 100% hygienic for use and can sustain for longest period of time (for multiple years) being high heat / chemical / solvent / acid resistant.

We have seen the trend online in India that these types of device made from other materials (as mentioned above) are getting sold to every female with and average price of Rs.18/- per piece (made from paper board) to Rs.400 (made from TRP - Thermo Plast) to Rs. 1100/- (Made from Silicone)

We have tried to manufacture this device from Purest form of Silicone and willing to distribute this through the NGO as low as Rs.100/- per piece so we can make the change in life for every female not only in urban market but also in rural market across India.

If you are an NGO kindly connect with us for bulk purchase and we shall be happy to share more benefits.

We are a small manufacturing company started in 2014 in Mumbai with different types of SIlicone Products and now we are looking for funds with your support for developing this Hygienic device and work towards the betterment of every female.

 For Any further details we shall be happy to share more details as required. We are also open to joint ventures for developing and marketing this product. You can feel free to connect with me for further details.

You help of INR 300/- can give Freedom to 3 Female in her life and shall make UTI FREE INDIA.   

Connect with us for more details at

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