Seeking Support For Late PMRD Fellow Suramoni's family.

The picture above belongs to Suramoni Boro, a Prime Minister's Rural Development Fellow, who worked relentlessly to improve the status of education in Balrampur, Chhatisgarh.  

There are some people who lose themselves in their work. Suramoni went beyond He lost his life, in an unfortunate accident.

What We Are Doing To Support The Family

Suramoni's family which has his parents, a younger brother and brother's wife and little son, was completely dependent on him.As Suramoni's friends, everyone is trying to contribute. We wanted to do our bit and use our birthdays as a means to this. Hence this compaign. The proceeds from the campaign would go a common fund which would be used to ensure a monthly income for Suramoni's parents.

 My brother and I have started this campaign on our birthdays. We Viditya and Aditya, children of SuryaDutt and Vijaya, request you to help us have a meaningful birthday.

The link below narrates Suramoni's work.

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19th July 2017
A bad news.

Suramoni's father had a Paralysis Attack a few months ago. We got a call from Suramoni's brother today morning that he again faced some problem and is not able to see.

Its a shock for us. They stay in Jonai village, in Dhemaji District in Assam. We are trying to connect with best possible doctor there.

If you have any contacts in and around that area, please mail about it to

Financial support will be crucial now. Please see if you and your near-dear ones can support the family is such a situation of continuous distress.
11th June 2016
Suramoni wrote... " The poor people, from my own experience, are not lazy nor that they don’t want to change their economic status. It is just that there is lack of facilitation, gap of understanding between the needs and the meets. They used to be quite hopeful. So, my main focus is to drive this hopefulness. My areas of work will be mostly related to livelihood, water management education and health. Children and women will be my main focus group. I have known the pain of losing one’s childhood. It is not only the individual’s loss, but also the entire society has to suffer and pay for it."
11th June 2016
Sharing some stories from Anshuman, who worked with Boro. You will see how different as a person Suramoni was.  Please share it, so that more people can join in for the cause. Lets ensure noone like Suramoni has to think twice about family.

Teaching the Teachers
Teacher’s absenteeism was one issue he wanted to resolve forever and always told Surendra, ‘अगर हमारे शिक्षक बस क्लास में 8 घंटे बैठ जाएं तोह हमारी आधी समस्या खत्म हो जाएगा।’
One wintry day late last year, he was rushing Surendra to leave at 7:00 AM in the morning. When I asked him, half awake, where was he rushing to, he hurriedly replied - एक टीचर को सबक सिखाना है and rushed away. The next day afternoon, he had a distinct smirk on his face. What he had done the previous day is this – he had rushed to a school in Sendur village where a child’s parent had complained that a teacher always came to school drunk. Once there, he taught the children to make placards out of chart paper and cardboard saying ‘हमारा टीचर शराबी है’. The next day, when the teacher came drunk to the school, all of them – children and parents were standing there holding those placards. The plan had worked!
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