Improve school infrastructure for tribal children in Jharkhand

Are you able to read this? Millions of children in our country are not. Sankalp is an NGO that aims at providing quality education to many such children. We, the students of XLRI are working together with Sankalp to enhance the infrastructure facilities in schools for tribal children of Jharkhand. Here is your chance to make a difference. Contribute to this noble cause and help in providing quality education to young children today.
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6th December 2017
Dear Supporters,

Here is an update on the campaign.

The work was completed on 18.11.2017. We visited the IMLI Centre of Sankalp where we were greeted by around 80 children. All these children belonged to the less fortunate section of the society.

We all have a dream as a child. We all aspire to be someone great when we grow up, a doctor, an artist, an astronaut and what not. But, everyone in the society does not have access to the same kind of privileges. While some of us belong to well to do families, are fortunate to be provided with every opportunity to achieve what we aspire, there is a major chunk of the society for whom availability of basic amenities is a dream. The childhood dreams of becoming someone great slowly drifts away among the hardships of life, and most of these people are unable to achieve what they desired in life.

 These children we met also had dreams. We decided to make a conscious attempt to help them develop a proper understanding of their aspirations and maybe contribute a little in helping them realize their dreams through a painting competition on the theme “What do I want to become when I grow up”.

For this, we distributed drawing sheets, pencils, erasers, sharpeners, pastel colours and other requirements to each child. We gave them a time of 1 hour for the competition and announced that the top three paintings would get prizes.

We were amazed to see the creativity of these children. There were future nurses, sportspersons, soldiers, doctors and even social workers in that room busy in painting their imagination and developing a better understanding of their true calling, of what they truly wanted to become. Throughout the next 1 hour, we were present at their beck and call, helping them to broaden the horizon of their thoughts and paint their dreams. There was a child who wanted to be a lawyer, but did not exactly know what a lawyer did. Then there was another who thought a soldier only fought with enemies. We personally interacted with these children and explained to them the work of each of these professions, so that they could transfer their thoughts in the paintings.
At the end of one hour, we collected all the paintings and a few of us, along with the centre head from Sankalp, took up the task of judging these extraordinary pieces of art, while the rest of us distributed biscuits and chocolates among the children. We had never envisioned that these children would have such vivid imagination. Judging those paintings was very difficult for all of us. All of them were so good that we had to come up with top four instead of top three prizes. We distributed the prizes comprising of school bags, tiffin boxes, colour boxes, books etc.

This was followed by an interaction with the children and we took their feedback on the event. We were amazed to know how happy the children were due to this event. They said they got to learn something very different, which their teachers did not teach them. One child said he wanted to become a social worker like his teacher. We were very happy that we were able to achieve what we intended to.

Through our small effort, we were able to make them better understand their aspirations and maybe motivate them to realize these dreams.

Thank you for your support and love for the campaign.

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Great initiative. Hats off to your efforts young XL-ers and all the best in your quest for the greater common good !!

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