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Our elders need us, say NO to elder abuse!
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Hello there! My name is Fiona Sheth. I'm an AS level student at HVB Global Academy. I recently became a volunteer with Hamari Pahchan NGO. This is my first ever project. 
Firstly, I chose to start this fundraiser  because, back in November 2021, I did my first ever volunteering work and that was spending time with the elderly. Sadly, it was an online meeting but I am glad I was part of it. It helped me realise that they want to live peacefully with their children/grandchildren or people they love and do some fun things. The least I can do is provide them with comfort or be able to access comfort. My grandma and I stay together. I have seen her in immense pain – medicines, injections, operations, etc. She is still so strong. Despite everything she’s been through, even though a part of her wants to stop, she still keeps going on. My parents are doing everything, a lot more than everything in their power to keep her comforted and I know she’s lucky enough to have the resources for the same. I hope I am able to help someone in some way or help them receive the aid.

It hurts to see people out here have no sense of humanity for others. To begin with, elderly people, homeless people as well, etc – they all have feelings and deserve a lot more than respect. At the beginning of Covid-19 there was a despicable sigh of relief that ‘only’ elderly people were dying. That should not have been the case. With time, we saw what was happening but the fact that there were still some people who thought about it in this way, just says a lot. Two years back, when the pandemic hit, we lacked a lot of medicines, oxygen beds, and other basic resources. Individuals/families living in proper homes themselves suffered so much. So, underprivileged elderly might have had it worse. We’re two years in the pandemic and there are still so many elderly not vaccinated and living without basic necessities. The elderly are important because they are responsible for the good we have today and can help us comprehend the bad that is happening today, like they have so far. Keeping in mind the current situation, the least we can do is provide them with comfort – both mental and physical. Also, the change in the weather is not something we humans can deal with but we have to. In this hot plus rain weather, elderly people can find it harder to cope, so if you know someone who may be struggling, check in with them to see if you can help.


Hamari Pahchan has come up with an initiative for our elderly; we plan to distribute comfort kits to those in need:

1 Kit for 1 elderly person = Rs.800/- for 3 months.
1 Kit for 1 person for a year = Rs. 3120/- approx.

1 Comfort Kit for the elderly includes a hot water bag, age appropriate medicines, thermometer, blankets (according to season), energy drinks like Glucon D and a mosquito repellant spray.

Our senior citizens form one of the most vulnerable sections of the society, unfortunately, their plight is often neglected. Among 106 million elders, 53 million live in extreme poverty. Not only this, besides the financial strain they are also subjected to physical as well as mental of abuse. Research puts forth the fact that nearly 23% of our elders experience abuse nationally. This calls for an urgent support and swift action on our part.

COVID-19 posed new challenges for our elderly. With youth out on streets looking for jobs they were left alone to deal with the loneliness and depression brought about by the pandemic. Along with that, those who lost their jobs and had seniors to care for had a tough time as their family expenses spiraled out of control. Elders in formal care institutions suffered as well, as their access to proper nutrition and care during these tough times was severely limited.

Last winter, we tried to help underprivileged elderly people by distributing comfort kits so that they are taken care of in winters. This year we plan to move ahead and expand our efforts to provide these people with our help all year long.

There are thousands of seniors in our society that have been neglected and have no source of income and nobody to rely on. Such seniors not only suffer from a plethora of physical ailments but also develop mental health issues due to the neglect and helplessness they experience.

We at Hamari Pahchan are taking an initiative to change the society’s perspectives regarding our elders and to provide them with holistic mental and physical care.

 Recently, we provided a wheelchair to an underprivileged family where the father was in no condition to buy.  Check out the story here:

Your small contribution will make a big difference to our endless efforts towards providing the elders with food and more importantly, a shoulder to lean on.

Donation to Hamari Pahchan NGO entitles you to Tax Exemption under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Fill out this form, click here.

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