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Fiazi Safar - 15000 km road trip to collect hugs and gift pictures
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Fiazi means Generous and Safar means Journey. Fiazi Safar is a journey of generosity.

From two years, I have been doing penniless journeys: the 1st one was in India (2014) and the 2nd, Southeast Asia (2015). The idea was to see how one feels when someone refuses to help us. Does it hurt our ego, do we feel insulted, do we feel insecure, do we get angry, what's our tolerance level? I also wanted to see people's reaction when one tells them, "I have no Money". How much of a leap of faith do we put in strangers in today's times?  Photo stories of these journeys can be seen here: Fiazi Safar's website

Also, here is a TEDx talk about this journey and an article that appeared in Mumbai Mirror about the 2014 penniless journey I undertook: A Penniless March

This year, for Fiazi Safar 2016: for Fiazi Safar 2016: I thought it is time for me to give back to the world after the world helped me for two years Consecutively during my penniless journeys. I travelled for more than 15000 Kilometers around India on my Royal Enfield to collect hugs from thousands of people, clicked their pictures, print and gift them those pictures. All the cities I visit, I should with a board which read as  "Give a hug and get a free picture clicked".

You can see the photos stories of the 2016 journey click HERE

The funds helped me cover the expenses during the journey, such as:  Photo printing, Printer, Fuel cost, Food and Stay cost, Bike expenses etc. 

Before the journey:
You can gift hugs and pictures to strangers I meet: With the support of your every INR 100, your name will be written under one picture. LIKE, For eg: This picture is gifted to you by "Name/City"

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