Fiazi Safar - 15000 km road trip to collect hugs and gift pictures

Fiazi means Generous and Safar means Journey. Fiazi Safar is a journey of generosity.

From two years, I have been doing penniless journeys: the 1st one was in India (2014) and the 2nd, Southeast Asia (2015). The idea was to see how one feels when someone refuses to help us. Does it hurt our ego, do we feel insulted, do we feel insecure, do we get angry, what's our tolerance level? I also wanted to see people's reaction when one tells them, "I have no Money". How much of a leap of faith do we put in strangers in today's times?  Photo stories of these journeys can be seen here: Fiazi Safar's website

Also, here is a TEDx talk about this journey and an article that appeared in Mumbai Mirror about the 2014 penniless journey I undertook: A Penniless March

This year, for Fiazi Safar 2016: for Fiazi Safar 2016: I thought it is time for me to give back to the world after the world helped me for two years Consecutively during my penniless journeys. I travelled for more than 15000 Kilometers around India on my Royal Enfield to collect hugs from thousands of people, clicked their pictures, print and gift them those pictures. All the cities I visit, I should with a board which read as  "Give a hug and get a free picture clicked".

You can see the photos stories of the 2016 journey click HERE

The funds helped me cover the expenses during the journey, such as:  Photo printing, Printer, Fuel cost, Food and Stay cost, Bike expenses etc. 

Before the journey:
You can gift hugs and pictures to strangers I meet: With the support of your every INR 100, your name will be written under one picture. LIKE, For eg: This picture is gifted to you by "Name/City"

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19th September 2016
Dear Supporters, 

We are delighted to inform you that Nitesh has successfully completed his journey! He has also achieved his mission of collecting hugs from people he’s met on the road.

Nitesh not only covered 12,000 kms, but also crossed it. He has covered 15,000 kms overall in 4 months. Over the course of his journey, Nitesh has given 3005 hugs and handed out 2810 pictures. He explains the gap between the hugs and pictures saying, “There are people who love to hug you but don’t necessarily like being clicked. Hence, the numbers don’t match. But they were all very happy with the gesture. Some were utterly taken by surprise and burst into giggles.” 

Recounting one of the most memorable experiences of his journey, Nitesh says, “I was at a checkpost near Leh when my leg suddenly slipped and my bike fell on a car and caused it some damage. Even though the damage was unintentional, I offered to pay the owner of the car the charges for the damage. Since it was the deserted Manali-Leh highway, there was no way to dispense the cash. The owner and I decided to meet in Manali, where I would bear his expenses. I gave him my ID card for leverage and moved ahead with the journey. Halfway through it, right before Rohtang Pass, my bike broke down. On top of that, it started raining. Since there was  no shelter on the Manali-Leh highway, my luggage got  drenched and I had no means of repairing my bike. Most people on the highway don’t stop on the way. But soon after, a car pulled over to help me out. Turns out, it was the same guy whose car I had accidentally damaged. He offered to give me a ride up to Manali and help me get my bike fixed in the middle of the night. He really went the extra mile to find a way to repair my bike.”

“Sometimes, things happen for a reason. Even the fact that I accidentally damaged somebody’s car ended up being a blessing in the form of the man who helped me,” he adds.

Nitesh returned to Mumbai on the 26th of this month and is currently house-hunting as he had to give up his previous apartment for his 4-month-long journey. 

But he is a happy man. “I have a lot of hugs and memories to cherish. I’m thankful for the opportunity to experience this wonderful journey. I am extremely grateful for the support given to me by the contributors at Milaap,” he exclaims. 

He welcomes all his supporters to read of stories from his journey here: and view pictures here:

Team Milaap
14th May 2016
14th May 2016 | Fiazi Safar 2016 | Day 14

Dear all,

I am into my 14th day of the journey and couple of days back I have reached 500 hugs collection on the journey. It is all possible because of your love and support. There have been several amazing experiences during the journey and will write few blogs about the same soon.

Please see some of the picture stories of the journey on and or Website: to see hugs collected and pictures gufted citywise.

I am currently in Bangalore and will be here for 2 days.

Nitesh Square
3rd April 2016
Dear Supporters,

I have some good news to share -

1) The website has been updated with new design: (You can see route plan for 2016 journey and there is also a new tab where the list of Contributors is now added)

2) A media article appeared in DNA news portal about upcoming journey of 2016. You can read it here.

Thank you all for the support and good wishes.

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You're inspiring! I can't wait to follow your journey. I hope you find even more joy and inspire more joy sling the way. So glad to have met you at Shazia's wedding. Thank you for the memories and the photos you gave to us.

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